New York Jets – Wait, Now Fans Are To Blame?

Tyson Rauch on recent commentary that New York Jets fans are to blame for the team’s problems

Following a historically bad loss to the Buffalo Bills the New York Jets are playing a familiar game: the blame game. It is almost like a rite of passage for the Jets organization as another season spirals out of control where there seems to be significantly more questions than answers for the franchise.

The head coach is obviously going to take the brunt of the blame after a team performance that was reminiscent to the Rich Kotite days. As a fan that sat through the Kotite error, or era, there are an alarming amount of similarities between his efforts and Coach Bowles. From the quotes “good week of practice” and “we played hard for 60 minutes” to the maddening time management issues and lack of game adjustments, it is enough to give you a headache and make you want to quit watching the game of football altogether.

Yes, Todd Bowles should be fired much sooner rather than later. An argument can be made that it should have been done Sunday night, to avoid the media circus and outrage. It is incomprehensible to think that the New York Jets as an organization are willing to let their coach finish out the season after watching his team blatantly quit in front of the hometown fans. It is mind numbing to think that Jets ownership is willing to let Bowles finish the season after realizing that his incompetence jeopardized the health of their franchise quarterback. It is ridiculous to think that the team is willing to let their team become a league laughingstock as they a trot out a head coach that everyone knows will be fired at season’s end. For the sake of humanity why would you want to put Todd Bowles through this? Why would you want to put the paying fan base through this nightmare?

The general manager is next in line when it comes to blame as questionable personnel decisions have left the team with several holes. The “build through the draft” mantra sounds great in principle but smacks you in the face when you cut several members of your draft class after only one year. $100 million dollars in cap space loses some value when it is spent on oft injured players or talents that do not match the price tag. When you have to continuously spend money to offset your mistakes, there is a legitimate problem.

When assessing blame ownership has to accept some as well, especially when you consider the team’s hierarchy. Both Bowles and Maccagnan report to Chris Johnson which is a precarious situation to say the least. The team preaches accountability and development, but when the going gets tough, the ownership gets going.. down the hall surrounded by security. It is easy to act accessible and media friendly when the team is winning, but to hide during an epic collapse is pathetic. To use the media as a puppet to communicate your message during trying times speaks volumes about the state of the ownership. Do they need to hire another consultant to get through crisis management?

Speaking of ownership, apparently there is a new group to blame for the Jets demise: the fans.  According to several media reports, the New York Jets are not making changes as it would appear that they are trying to appease the fans. Can you imagine an organization thinking like this? Your team has lost 4 games in a row. Your team just lost to a quarterback that was just signed off the street. Your team was just blown out by one of the worst teams in the NFL in your own building. YOUR TEAM QUIT, yet you are not making changes as it would appear like you were conceding to the demands of the fans? Are you kidding me? Over the years there have been times when it was embarrassing to be a fan of the New York Jets. We have entered another one of those periods.