New York Jets – Change Must Happen

Heading into the 2018 season the expectations for the New York Jets weren’t very high as the team was willing to concede short term success in order to develop their 21-year old rookie quarterback. There would undoubtedly be highs and lows throughout the roller coaster ride of the season, but the growth and development of Sam Darnold is the primary focus of the organization.

Following Sunday’s ridiculously frustrating loss to the Miami Dolphins, 13-6, the Jets find themselves in a conundrum as there are legitimate questions about the direction that their prized signal caller is heading. It is one thing to make some bad reads and to throw some poor passes. It is another to look like a rattled, baffled signal caller that is dazed and confused on and off the football field.

Let’s face it, Sam Darnold is struggling, and the New York Jets are not doing him any favors. It is an absolute crime that the rookie quarterback is forced to deal with errant snaps while dealing with an aggressive defense and a vanilla game plan. It is hard enough to figure out an NFL defense, let alone worry about if the snap will actually land in your hands. The fact that Jeremy Bates and Todd Bowles continue to put Darnold in this situation is laughable and irresponsible.

How can you watch repeated poor snaps from the center and keep him in the game? And if you see that the center is struggling why would you continue to call plays out of the shotgun? A true case of dumb and dumber.

Furthermore, when you recognize that the offense has become quite predictable and stagnant why not make changes to give your quarterback a chance to make some plays? Contrary to popular belief the Jets have some playmakers on offense, they just do not understand how to maximize their potential. The offense lacks any type of flow or creativity and that is also hindering Darnold’s ability to feel comfortable on the football field. A quarterback playing without any feel for the game plan or confidence in the approach is an alarming scenario which will produce minimal production.

The New York Jets are a week away from their bye and it will be interesting to see if any changes are made to the play calling and or the coaching staff. A season of hope and promise built around Sam Darnold is starting to spiral out of control. When you can make a legitimate case to bench Darnold, you have a serious organizational problem.

It’s time to stop hiding behind the rebuilding moniker and to address the elephant in the room: the handling and coaching of your franchise quarterback. Failure to do so could set your team back several years.