TOJ Let’s Get Weird: Week 6 – Jets vs. Colts

Dan Essien get’s weird with the New York Jets week 6 matchup against the Indianapolis Colts.

The New York Jets are looking to put together two consecutive wins for the first time in this 2018 season. This time, it’s the Indianapolis Colts who are in town hoping to set them back. With some intriguing storylines on hand, let’s get weird with week 6, Jets vs. Colts.

Game Notes


The two times the Jets have faced the Colts in the Maccagnan/Bowles era, the feeling around the team was completely different. In 2015, Maccagnan had just spent a bunch of money on the secondary and paired Ryan Fitzpatrick with Chan Gailey along with Brandon Marshall to run the offense. Things were hopeful then, particularly after the Jets handily beat the Colts 20-7 on the road to improve their record to 2-0. However, in 2016, things were much different. The Jets were 3-8 coming into the game, and the organization was beginning to realize they had to start this rebuild thing all over again. Ryan Fitzpatrick’s effectiveness was barreling towards the center of the earth. In fact, in that game, Fitzpatrick got benched for Bryce Petty to start the second half. The team was basically guaranteed out of contention.

Ironically as the Jets enter this 2018 matchup, they are kind of at a crossroads between the feeling of those two matchups. Not incredibly confident like early in that 2015 season but also not a complete disaster like late 2016. However, the result on Sunday could sway the feeling around this team a bit. Many players believe their lack of consistency is about maturity. However, with the current roster, these Jets have much more reasons for long term optimism than they did in 2015. It’s all about how quick the kids can grow up.

Medical offsets

Both teams are dealing with a bunch of injuries right now that could have an impact on the game. It’s looking very likely the Colts will be missing Jack Doyle and T.Y Hilton, who are both starting quarterback, Andrew Luck’s favorite targets. At the same time the Jets could be missing Trumaine Johnson, Buster Skrine. So it could be an interesting offset when it comes to the Jets secondary against the Colts receivers. Neither team would really have a distinct advantage.

Trade tears to cheers?

In a strange twist of events, Rashard Robinson could be an important matchup in deciding the game on Sunday. Like we discussed earlier, with Skrine and Johnson possibly out, it opens the door for someone like Robinson who was suspended for the first four games of the regular season. Robinson drew a lot of praise from head coach Todd Bowles in the preseason but it’s hard to know what to expect from him on Sunday. The last time we saw Robinson during the regular season in 2017, it didn’t look great. However, if what Bowles has said about the change in Robinson’s work ethic and determination, maybe we’ll see that GM Mike Maccagnan actually traded a 5th round pick for an solid long term mainstay.


Hank’s Revenge

Did you know that ‘Hank’ is short for ‘Henry’? I know! Hank the Tank (a.k.a Henry Anderson) is going to be facing off against his former team on Sunday. The Colts traded him to the Jets for a 7th round pick during the draft. Anderson has been awesome for the Jets so far this season and has 2.5 sacks so far. There’s no doubt he’s going to be pumped to face his former team. I think he racks up two more sacks and disrupts plenty as the Colts struggle to contain him and Leonard Williams in pass rush.

Enunwa Bounce-back

Quincy Enunwa had his first bad game last week. He had 5 targets and 0 catches, including a few drops. Enunwa battled a thumb injury during the preseason that some have suggested may have flared up again. However, given that Enunwa fully participated in practiced this week, and given the history of his work ethic and rapport with Sam Darnold, expect to see a big bounce-back performance from him this week. At least 6 catches for 85+ yards for big #81 on Sunday.


Facemask Juice

The first time the Jets wore their white facemasks was in the 2016 season against the Bills in a Color Rush night game. They paired them with their all white jersey’s (‘Stormtroopers’ combo). In that game the Jets beat the Bills 37-31, in a game where their offense was as good as it was that season, racking up 493 total yards including 374 through the air. Let’s hope the grey facemasks the Jets will be wearing on Sunday will bring that same type of energy to their offense as they look to build on the success they had against the Broncos defense last week.