NFL Week 5 Wrap Up

Greg Armstrong with his week 5 NFL wrap up and week 6 NFL preview…

We’re getting into the meat of the NFL season. There won’t be many more unpredictable upsets and we start to separate the contenders from the pretenders. Week five was a weird one in the landscape of the league. Here’s what we learned.

1. The Patriots Are The Patriots

We do this same song and dance every single September and you know what? A part of me bought into it this year. Amidst all of the offseason hoopla and them playing very bad to start out the season, there was a part of me that was seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Once again, the Patriots are the Patriots. They dismantle the Dolphins and pick apart a depleted Colts team and look here, they’re at the top of the division once again. Getting Edelman back is huge for this team and it was apparent Thursday night. It opens up a lot more in the offense and had it not been for two dropped passes that turned into interceptions, the Colts might have gotten run out of the building.

It’s amazing that all it takes is two good weeks and all of a sudden the Patriots are in the drivers seat once again. They have a huge matchup this Sunday night against the Chiefs that is a potential AFC Championship Game preview. I’ll be interested to see how Belichick prepares for Pat Mahomes and if the Patriots can drop 50 on that defense.

2. It’s A Three Team Race 

Along with the Patriots, it’s the Chiefs and Rams. That’s it. Those are the three teams that lead the pack so far through five weeks. They all bring something very entertaining to watch to the table. You have Brady and Belichick who know how to beat everybody no matter who is on the roster. You have Pat Mahomes in Andy Reids offense who looks unstoppable. Finally, you have McVay and his play calling with the Rams weapons alongside Jared Goff.

These three teams are the class of the NFL currently. Now there are some teams like the Saints and the Panthers that are a notch below (the AFC is terrible) but it’s going to be hard to dethrone these teams. The best part about them? They’re all exciting to watch. We don’t have to force ourselves to watch them. It’s appointment television for whenever these teams have games.

3. The Next Wave Of QBs Is Here And It’s Awesome

Speaking of Mahomes and Goff, (no disrespect to Brees and his record breaking game Monday) but the next wave of quarterbacks is here and boy are they exciting. You have Goff, Mahomes, Deshaun Watson when he’s not being murdered by his offensive line, Carson Wentz who I think is going to get it together sooner rather than later and then you have the rookies.

Baker Mayfield looks electric. Sam Darnold has been mostly good through five weeks. Josh Rosen is doing the best he can with that barren wasteland that is the Cardinals roster. They all can do so much at such young ages and with the way the game has shifted offensive wise, we will be seeing a lot more passing records broken. Don’t be surprised when these guys take over the record books.

4. How Much Longer Can Aaron Rodgers Do This?

The Packers are a mess. They give Rodgers very little help defensively and this offense would be atrocious if it weren’t for Rodgers doing Rodgers things. That’s the front offices problem. You have arguably the best quarterback of our generation and yet you only have one Super Bowl win to show for it.

Rodgers has been getting more visibly frustrated with this team as weeks pass. He might not always say things that make him seem frustrated but the tone of his voice says it all. It’s long overdue but the Mike McCarthy era needs to come to an end.

Rodgers just signed that mega deal this offseason. He’s not going anywhere. The Packers need a major redo of this team. The way they used to do things by not signing free agents and solely focusing on the draft set them up for this. They need to bring in a new regime and hopefully put this team in the position to make at least one more playoff run while Rodgers is still considered Godgers.


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