New York Jets Coaching Report Card – Week 7

Clayton Smarslok with his weekly New York Jets coaching report card…

This was the third home game in a row for the Jets, hoping to go 3-0 in the stretch. Unfortunately they couldn’t do it falling to the Minnesota Vikings 37-17 in week seven to drop to 3-4 on the season. It was a sore sight for the eyes of Jets fans and a game everyone wants to move on from but let’s see how each of these  coaches fared on this weeks report card.

Head Coach, Todd Bowles

After winning the last two games Todd Bowles’ seat cooled off just a tad bit but getting this win could have been a game changer for him going against one of the top teams in the NFC. It obviously didn’t happen, as Bowles had both good moments and some questionable calls. The first one that comes to mind was one of the first plays of the game on Adam Thielen’s touchdown. With three key secondary pieces out, he placed Darryl Roberts on one of the best receivers in the league with no safety help deep, allowing Kirk Cousins to take the chance on the mismatch. Another was when the Vikings were obviously kicking a field goal with 1:20 left in the second quarter but Bowles let the time run down to 47 second before calling a timeout. He could have given the offense a better chance of putting more points on the board before getting the ball back in the second half.

While Bowles had his struggles, the defense had a very good game until the fourth quarter. But it’s tough to keep it going when the offense and special teams both struggled to give any help in addition to having too many timely penalties.

Grade: C+


Offensive Coordinator, Jeremy Bates

With the absence of Quincy Enunwa, release of Terrelle Pryor and losing Bilal Powell somewhat early into Sunday’s action, it was not the greatest group to go against the stout Minnesota defense. While the offense struggled ending a drive with either a punt or turnover 12 times, this wasn’t Bates’ worst performance. There are some designs that should be taken out of the playbook such as the toss from shotgun or any play where Tomlinson goes out for a route. It was disappointing to see Jermaine Kearse on the sideline on a couple of third and longs but Tomlinson and Leggett were both out there. It’s obvious that isn’t giving Darnold and the offense the best chance to succeed, it has to change.

The best part of his game on Sunday was the play calling on the first touchdown drive. That series might have been the best one the offense put together all year long. With a bevy of injuries to their top playmakers, it will be up to Bates to find ways to keep doing this or else we could be seeing a lot more of Lac Edwards than we would like.

Grade: C


Defensive Coordinator, Kacy Rodgers

Coach Rodgers was back with the team, being seen in the booth during the game. After the game Todd Bowles did not say who was the play caller was so until it is verified I will assume it was the head coach.

Grade: N/A


Special Teams Coordinator, Brant Boyer

By far the worst performance of the year for the special teams unit. Outside of Jason Myers continuing to put on a show, the rest of the group had a very rough outing. Starting with the return game, Andre Roberts put the ball on the ground three times, in addition to him letting the ball hit the ground causing them to start the offensive drive at their own 8 rather than closer to the 30. On a very windy Sunday afternoon, Lac Edwards didn’t have the game we were getting used to, struggling to get hangtime on his punts and on his eight punts he only pinned one inside the 20. The coverage team was maybe the worst though as they struggled to contain the returner, Marcus Sherels. There were also penalties that just continued to hurt the offense and defense at different times. Boyer needs to be getting in their ears to improve against the Bears next week.

Grade: C-