TOJ Tweet Summary 2018, Week 2 – Jets vs. Dolphins

Daniel Essien recaps the Jets week 2 matchup against the Miami Dolphins with #JetsTwitter

After a starting the season off with a bang in Detroit, the Jets returned home to take on the Miami Dolphins. There was a ton of anticipation for Sam Darnold’s home debut and also to see if the defense could repeat their week 1 dominance. As a result, we all thought it would be a rowdy day at MetLife but it turned it be a bit different. Let’s recap the game through #JetsTwitter.

1st Half

The game started out a little slow with the offense struggling to get going and the defense starting off fairly well, forcing two straight punts. On the Jets second possession, the end result was less than ideal.


The Dolphins took over and eventually scored shortly after on a 6-yard touchdown run by Kenyan Drake.

The Dolphins score was followed by more of the Jets defense covering for the struggling offense early on.

Unfortunately the Dolphins were again the first to break the lull in play. After the defense forced another punt, the Jets were looking to put a drive together but then…

Once again, Miami capitalized on the turnover and scored on a 29-yard touchdown pass from Ryan Tannehill.

The Jets got the ball back and AGAIN couldn’t get things going as the offensive line continued to get mauled up front.

The Jets punted right after and the defense broke down surrendering a 8 play, 62 yard touchdown drive that ended with a 19-yard Tannehill pass to A.J Derby.


The Jets got the ball back and started a drive of their own. They marched down into the redzone at the 14 yard line looking to score before half and cut the deficit. However, they somehow managed to not get points.


2nd Half

Jets got the ball to start the second half and got off to a great start. They finally put together a complete drive and scored on a 28 yard touchdown pass from Sam Darnold to Bilal Powell.

In German

Then, on the ensuing Dolphins possession, the Jets seemed to completely turned the direction of the game on Miami’s first offensive snap of the second half.

In French!

The Jets took over at the 12 yard line, in prime position to get back in the game. But then on literally the next play…

After the defense eventually forced Miami to punt on the next possession, the Jets offensive struggles continued, despite Darnold seeming to get more comfortable. Herndon’s drop really deflated Jets fans.

After trading punts, the Jets got lucky later when Tannehill gave the ball away again…

The Jets followed that up with a long drive but it was stalled by penalties and missed opportunities and they settled for a field goal. It was a particularly bad drive for the offensive line in the end.

The field goal made it 20-9. The Jets eventually got the ball back after Miami was forced to punt. But once again the Jets could only manage a field goal. From there the Dolphins iced the game with a 12 play, 6 minute drive to run out the clock.
It was a rough showing but Jets fans remained optimistic about the most important element of this season…