New York Jets Coaching Report Card – Week 2

Clayton Smarslok with a New York Jets coaching report card for week 2…

Well that was an ugly loss. The Jets lost 20-12 to the Miami Dolphins on yesterday, a win for Miami that has given them the early sole possession of first place in the AFC East. The Jets will be heading to Cleveland on a short week on Thursday night but before looking ahead let’s take a look at how the Jets responded after a dominating week 1 victory.

Head Coach, Todd Bowles

Not going to blame all of this on Bowles but it was a performance the Jets fans are all too familiar with after a big win. The team came out flat and didn’t show much fight. The team did not look disciplined having some untimely penalties that really hurt in the long run. When it came to the final drive of the first half, Bowles showed his poor time management again, although there was a mistake by the referees that did not help. With 26 seconds left, Darnold hit fellow rookie Chris Herndon down the sideline who tried to get an extra two yards rather than get out of bounds leading to the using the last timeout. That wasn’t bad timeout, however with 10 seconds left they decided to go for a touchdown rather than take the 3 points which was definitely needed. Bowles has to get it into the heads of everyone, especially the younger players, to know that situation and know when to get out of bounds. All of this as well as not making adjustments to the short passing game that allowed Tannehill to pass for well over 70% is what leads to a poor grade for the man in charge.

Grade: C-

Offensive Coordinator, Jeremy Bates

The offense did not come out hot this week but that’s largely due to the terrible starting field position that led to Bates scraping the first 15 plays they planned to start the game. If we’re getting on Bates for anything it’s the fact that the running game became a non-factor very early on. I do respect that he kept the confidence in Darnold after two interceptions but you have to try to get the running game going to help and having only 17 designed runs is not going to allow that to happen.

In addition to this, he had Eric Tomlinson on the field way too often on 2nd/3rd and long plays, many of which in an empty set. Granted one of them worked out but more times than not, he’s a more of a liability in the passing game. Bates did do a good job getting their best weapon, Quincy Enunwa, open and the targets he deserves but they need to find ways to get other receivers involved early or else the opposing defenses will focus on Quincy.

Grade: C+

Defensive Coordinator, Kacy Rodgers

On Sunday they may have given up 20 points but really only 14 of those were truly on the defense, including a shutout 2nd half. With that being said, Kacy Rodgers had a rough game. To start, there were no adjustments to the short passing game that Tannehill was working very well. They seemed scared to let the receivers get past the corners and allowed them to take short passes in front, but the tackling was on and off.

Then there was limited pressure on the QB in the second half. Obviously not having a legit edge threat hurts but he needs to design complex blitzes to make some noise. The Dolphins made adjustments, so should you. Speaking of adjustments, I find it embarrassing how Rodgers/Bowles and the players on the edge (mainly Jordan Jenkins) could not realize how they needed to keep contain. Too many times Tannehill was able to keep the ball for multiple big runs, including the first and last play.

To top it off, when down by 8 needing a stop on 3rd and 19 late in the 4th, Rodgers not only decides to bring the house but allows the middle of the field to be wide open for a dump off and run of 20 yards for old man Frank Gore. It was a very similar call when Golden Tate scored his TD and this one pretty much sealed the loss. Adams should have noticed Gore was going out for the pass and stayed back but regardless the call itself was still not advisable. I say trust the defense to not give up 20+ yards for one play.

Grade: D+

Special Teams Coordinator, Brant Boyer

Not much going on here. It was a game full of fair catches, touchbacks and pinned punts from Miami. Lac Edwards had a busy day with 5 punts averaging 52.3 yards per punt and pinning two inside the 20. He’ll need to get some more hangtime to allow the gunners to get down there, unless they plan on Thomas Hennessy bailing them out every time. Jason Myers missed an extra point but nailed two field goals including a 55 yarder. Peake had a rough game with a poor tackling attempt and a terrible block in the back that pushed the offense back inside the 15 on a punt return. Wasn’t the worst game we’ve seen but definitely need to coach some things up.

Grade: C