What’s Your Point – Episode 3 Featuring Guest Judge Chris Nimbley

New WYP Podcast: Chris Nimbley joins as a guest judge as Dalbin Osorio and Paulie Bruzzese debate a wide range of topics around the New York Jets…

“Play Like A Jet” presents episode #3 of your weekly NY Jets debate show “What’s Your Point?”  with Dalbin Osorio and Paulie Bruzzese. This week the guys do battle on four of the hottest topics surrounding the New York Jets as they continue training camp:

  1.  What was the dumbest Sam Darnold contract holdout take on Twitter?
  2. Was the 2009 or 2010 season a better one for Jets fans?  
  3. Was the timing of the Jets new uniform announcement legit or a cheap PR stunt?
  4. Which current Jet would be the most fun subject of a comedic roast?

You will hear the answers to these topics debated with special guest Chris Nimbley – editor in chief of Jetsinsider.com – as the judge, jury, and executioner!

Play Like A Jet and What’s Your Point are part of the Turn on the Jets Digital podcast network…