TOJ New York Jets Film Room Breakdown – Jets vs. Redskins

Joe Blewett breaks down the film on the New York Jets against the Washington Redskins…

Joe Blewett with a film room breakdown of the New York Jets second preseason game against the Washington Redskins.. For the video edition, subscribe to our YouTube channel

Heard some say this wasn’t a penalty on Jenkins but unfortunately it is in the NFL these days. Have to be smarter then that, can’t drive the QB into the turf.

Redskins run a levels/cab concept to the field side. Jets in a cover 3 defense, Lee is responsible for his hook/curl zone. But he doesn’t realize the over route behind him and that Adams is playing that. Lee passes off the flat route to Adams, needs better awareness here.

Redskins run a outside zone to the boundary side. Shepard (0 tech) shows some good burst, pad level, hand strength and overall power to toss this center around as the RB bends the run back because Martin sets a strong edge.

Jets in cover 1 D with a “Jambo” to the bottom of the screen. Williamson is manned up on the RB who runs a wheel route out of the backfield. Williamson angle is flat to the RB but needs to avoid that hitch/pick. Williamson does a good job playing through the WR and punching out.

Another bad play in zone from Lee. Jets rush 3 in their cover 4 look, Lee is again in a hook zone. Look how tight he is to Williamson and reacts way to late to the RB breaking on the flat route. Needs to pass that drag to Williamson and get in his zone.

This wasn’t a “great” play from Skrine. Cant be as simple as looking at just the result of the play. Skrine is manned up with inside leverage so thats exactly where he DOESNT want the WR to go. He looks high, falls for the hesitation out and opens his hips. Better ball= TD.

Small details are important. Jets run play action, as Darnold turns around he sees the free OLB rushing him with outside leverage. Instead of continuing to roll out right, he steps up to avoid it. The most important thing of this though, TWO hands on the ball.

Harrison (playing RG here) has been really bad this preseason so far. Here is reaching far on this block and punch is narrow. The 4i tech uses the chop-club-arm over to get the sack on Darnold.

Little bit more a loaded play. Jets in a zone defense and the Redskins run a lead zone out of 21 personnel. Lee squeezes the run which he should but needs to have a more aggressive stack (gets blocked to the ground). Would like to see Johnson more agg too. Williamson was held too.

Darnold going through his reads quick here. Notices the safety driving down to his curl zone in this cover 3 defense. Which takes away the flat of the slant/flat concept. Darnold then reads the inside slant from Leggett, nope. Then hits McBride on the deep slant.

Didn’t like this play design from the Jets as it creates no confusion for the defense. Darnold takes a sack but is going through his reads, has two hands on the ball and doesn’t force the ball. Comes away with the FG instead of forcing an INT.

Redskins run a mike zone. Adams takes a super aggressive angle but still gets in on the tackle. Shepard (looks like 2i) shows strength vs the poor block attempt of the LG. Shepard looks damn strong on every snap.

Nice play by Martin here (bottom OLB). As he works upfield he gets the LT to freeze with that jab step inside. Allowing Martin to get around the edge for the near tackle. Needs to finish this play but good job getting to the RB.

Both Skrine and Johnson are in man. Focus is more on Skrine but can notice the differences if you look at of their reps. Skrine is a little high in his backpedal, doesn’t get two hands on and fully flips his hips to run downfield which is why he isn’t able to play the ball.

Jets in cover 3 and somebody blew their assignment (either Copeland or Adams) in the top curl/flat zone. Lee also plays this poorly as he comes up to the LOS too early taking himself out of his hook zone and the play. At least Williamson lays a shot at the end.

Another play showing why film always beats stats. Stat sheet you see an INT but in realty its a wide open catch vs cover 3 and the WR dropped the ball way before Claibornes hit.

Another funny thing I hear. “Jets fired Morton because the Jets didn’t run the ball enough”. Did people see what happened when the Jets tried to run? Here both Qvale and Carp fail on their cut blocks. Powell makes something out of what should be a TKL (sorry for quality).

Jets run a mid zone to the boundary side. Powell cuts it up the b-gap as the OLB has outside leverage(takes himself out of the play). Powell’s initial hesitation doesn’t work so he gets ridiculously low and trucks the DB. How can you not love Powell and his game at this point.

The little aspects of Anderson game that he needs to improve on to be that true top tier WR. Anderson is on the bottom of the screen and runs a hitch/stick route. He NEEDS to break this farther down the field to ensure the first down if he can’t get YAC.

Not blaming Darnold on this INT here. Jets run a spacing concept to the boundary side, Reskins in cover 1. Qvale is completely lost allowing pressure on Darnold so he can’t run. Nobody is open, the DB in man on Powell sees him block so he jumps the snag. Not a bad INT from Darnold here.

Jets run a TE stunt. Luvu gets through the far b-gap. But no excuse for this penalty, its just dumb. The QB clearly releases the ball AND he lowers his head to make the hit. Roberts also plays this poorly as he needs more depth in his drop as its 3rd and 10 here.

Another bad play from Roberts. Playing in man w/ inside leverage, opens up his hips way too soon as the WR presses him on the vertical stem. Allowing the WR the easy break inside. Jets defense bailed out with the illegal formation penalty.

Bridgewater was great this game minus one throw. Here drops back, doesn’t see anything he likes and doesn’t want to hit the check route underneath. Feels pressure so he rolls out to the right, keeps his eyes downfield and hits Johnson on an off-balance throw.

Doesn’t get much better then this. Jets in a 2×2 gun set vs cover 1 , Bridgewater drops back and reads the vertical stems up top but sees the CB with good leverage. Next looks at the slot fade from Hansen. Puts it in perfect location, leading Hansen and away from the safety.

Liked this play from Hewitt and Middleton. Redskins run what looks like a mike zone. Hewitt takes on the FB but its not that simple, Hewitt takes on the inside shoulder of the FB effectively “spilling” the run right into Middleton. Both players get in on the tackle.

Example of a play that you can draw positives and negatives from. Robinson in man on the top is in man in this cover 1 defense. Uses soft shoe/foot fire technique at the LOS. Opens up too soon so he would have got beat if the WR cut inward but good agility/stop-start and squeeze.

Jets run a play action bootleg to the top of the screen. Bridgewater identifies the free rushers and dumps it off to Walford in the flat. Some nice YAC picked up by Walford.

Jets in a 3×1 gun set. Based on where everybody ends up it looks like the run a hawk concept to the field side. Bridgewater drops back but then has some cluster around his feet (note Swanson literally tripping over himself), so he slides right and makes a great off-platform throw.

Reskins run a mike zone out of 21 personnel. The LT/LG have piss poor blocks attempts but Shepard (backside 2 tech) just shoves them both into the ground and makes the tackle.

Good power shown from Fatukasi (0 tech) here. Comes off the snap with good pad level, gets his arms extended as he stacks the center. Fatukasi then jerks him to his left and nearly makes the tackle. Needed to close the distance/not dive for that tackle.

Reskins run a fake outside zone into an end around. Good play by Luvu to maintain his backside gap responsibility/stay patient and then make the tackle.

Like Wilcox’s aggressiveness on this play. Wilcox is in the box and the WR attempts to crack block him on this power run. Wilcox takes the fight to the WR, gets free of the block and gets in on the tackle.

Looks like the Jets are running a levels/cab concept going to the field side. Bridgewater gets pressure from the a-gap and shows nice agility to break the tackle/move, then keeps his eyes downfield and hits Peake on the deep over.

Hard to say but looks like the Skins ran some sort cover 4/6 or split. Really like the play from Bridgewater. As he waits for the scissors concept to develop he sells the swing route with his hips potentially drawing that curl/flat defender up. Good ball and catch from Peake.

The one bad play/ball from Bridgewater was this INT. Johnson has a 9 route, the CB is squeezing Johnson (didn’t like his release) to the sideline and has good leverage. Cant throw this ball and still not a great decision or throw if he was trying to go back shoulder.

Atkinson has made a few plays this preseason, would be surprised if he gets scooped up on another roster. Here sets up his blocks pretty well, gets skinny and avoids some defenders for a near 20 yard gain.

Bridgewater on the play action bootleg to the boundary side. Shows some nice athleticism. As the free OLB is closing ground on Bridgewater, he sets like he is about to throw, then Bridgewater scrambles for a 4 yard gain.

Stewart on the bottom runs a solid whip route vs man coverage to get open. Only thing that needs to be cleaned up is that inside foot is a little bit outside of his framework but nice drop of the hips and foot placement. Stewart then picks up decent YAC.

Robinson 1v1 vs the WR. The bad = high in the backpedal and gets no hands on to disrupt the route stem. The good= gets two shuffles in, plays the ball well and gets that outside arm over top of the WR’s inside arm which doesn’t allow the WR to go up with two hands/stops momentum.

Looks like the Jets run cover 3 vs the Reskins 2×2 gun set. The QB hits the WR on a dig route in between two defenders. Like the mentality of Wilcox coming across the field and laying a good shot.

Last play of the review. Robinson again 1v1 vs the WR. The bad= The foot spread and hop at the LOS and opening the gate immediately. The good= Getting two hands on the WR and playing through the WR. Looks like the WR got away with a push off.

In conclusion the this game against the Redskins was both concerning and positive in big ways. To start with the negatives (at least the two major ones), we saw the Jets biggest weaknesses really come out in this game. The offensive line struggled to open any holes for Powell and wasn’t keeping Darnold clean, even on shorter drop/concepts that get the ball out relatively quickly. We also saw the lack of a pass rush as Alex Smith had all day to get rid of the ball verses the Jets starting defense. On the positive side both of the QB’s played well. Bridgewater was excellent (minus one play) and Darnold played well, just wasn’t as flashy as he was verses the Giants. Bridgewater showed his accuracy, poise, pocket awareness, smarts, athletic ability  and more. Darnold showed his ability to keep two hands on the ball, accuracy, “magical sloppiness”, going through reads quickly and more. Another big positive from this game and the preseason so far has been the two draft picks on the defense line. Fatukasi and Shepard look like they belong and are poised to make an impact this year.

The Good-

  • Teddy Bridgewater
  • Nathan Shepard
  • Sam Darnold
  • Bilal Powell
  • Tre McBride
  • Charone Peake
  • Clive Walford
  • George Atkinson
  • Neville Hewitt
  • Rashard Robinson
  • Foley Fatukasi
  • Avery Williamson
  • J.J. Wilcox

The Bad-

  • The Jets offensive line
  • Pass rush
  • Darron Lee
  • Thomas Rawls
  • Ben Braeden
  • Travis Swanson
  • ArDarius Stewart
  • Chad Hansen
  • Robby Anderson
  • Jonotthan Harrison
  • Darryl Roberts
  • Frankie Luvu
  • Buster Skrine
  • Starting Defense