TOJ New York Jets Film Breakdown – Jets vs Giants Preseason Week 3

Joe Blewett with a film room breakdown of the New York Jets vs. New York Giants in the preseason…

Joe Blewett with a film room breakdown of New York Jets vs. New York Giants in week 3 of the preseason.. For more, subscribe here!

Jets run a lead zone out of 22 personnel. Tomlinson (Y-TE on bottom) does a good job helping Qvale get leverage on the 6 tech then kicks out the MLB. Herndon also kicks out the safety, giving Powell a lane to run through.

Jets run Enunwa on an stop route over the middle with an inward stem. Giants are in cover 3. Darnold does a good job reading the LB in his hook zone who is taking his exit angle with his hips to the sideline. Reads the LB + how Enunwa has leverage on the DB. Nice read and throw.

Have to love this from Darnold. Jets in a 3×1 gun set and notices the Giants are showing a man shell and that the LB responsible for Sterling is showing blitz up the B-gap and can’t get out to Sterling. Darnold changes the play which is basically just a YAC opportunity on a flat.

Darnold drops back and reads the defense but doesn’t see anything open vs the cover 2 man. Feels the pocket to get a little bit tight so steps up into it. Still notices nothing open but sees a big lane to run (always an advantage vs man) and takes it.

Giants drop into cover 4. Darnold sees that he has a window to hit Anderson on the out vs Apple (who plays this poorly). Darnold wanted to put the ball low and away but don’t think he wanted it this low. Comes back to footwork. Notice where his lead foot it pointed.

Jets run a crack toss to the field side. Qvale does a good job getting out to block #20. Enunwa is just alley blocking and finds the first guy in Powell’s way. Enunwa’s blocking will be HUGE for the running game, especially on OZ plays. Glad to have him back.

Jets have been struggling with these two things on defense this preseason. Getting pressure on the QB even when sending extra guys (5 here). And have been struggling with levels type concepts (drive here). Williamson needed to pass this drag earlier.

Good play from Williams and Williamson here. Giants run an inside zone. Williams comes off the snap low, with good hand placement and extension. RB cuts inside as Williams is his first read, Williams does an arm over. Williamson shoots the backside to get the tackle.

Just can’t see the Jets being successful in the run game this year. Carp doesn’t give enough help to Long to be able to successfully reach block the 1 tech (Snacks) because he doesn’t have the athletic ability to get out to the LB if he does offer that help.

One of the bad decisions from Darnold this game on this intentional grounding play. Has a big hole that he can step up in the pocket to continue to read the defense and/or roll out more to get rid of the ball.

Jets running a cover 3 replacement defense. As the WR takes his stem vertical Claiborne opens up to the outside. The WR cuts inside of Claiborne, which is ok but Claiborne makes the mistake of gearing down AND looking back the ball (lose speed) instead of playing the WR.

Damn smart play by Williamson (going to be loved by Jet fans this year). Jets defensive line + Adams crash hard inside. Williamson fills his outside gap responsibility. As he knowns the RB is wrapped up and fighting for extra hards he goes for and gets the strip. Good run by Leo.

Jets flex Crowell out wide here. The seam route gives Crowell a 1v1 opportunity to get some YAC. Hard cut inside from Crowell and nice stiff arm to get more then enough for the first down.

Giants in a cover 4 defense with a man defender to any inside release from #37. Darnold drops back and reads the boundary side PAM concept (double post) but sees that the throw would be risky on the inside post. Pulls it down and hits Pryor on the drag for a YAC TD.

Nice job by both Josh Martin and Adams on this delayed handoff. Adams feels the block coming from Shepard so he stops, places his hand on Shepards back and tosses him aside. Martin gets low, good hand placement and strength shown to rip and get in on the tackle.

Giants try to reach block Leo on this mid-zone from the pistol formation. Not many offensive lineman (if any) are going to be able to reach block him effectively. He is too fast and moves laterally very well for his size.

Being a “great” athlete doesn’t matter when you don’t know how to use it. Adams contains the outside and the Giants offensive line does a poor job of blocking this RB screen. Lee takes a terrible angle (barely gets a hand on) and misses the tackle allowing another nearly 8 yards.

Believe Becht said something about this being “great” coverage which is actually comical. Skrine is in man on the outside slot vs the fade. Opens his hips immediately giving the WR an easy release, doesn’t play through the WR. He looks lost when the ball is in the air at times.

Good/bad from this play. Don’t think Leo (3 tech) sees the block coming from the RT. Then uses the one arm stab, gets chipped by the TE actually helping Leo rip the RT outside, good athleticism shown. Maye blitzes once the TE blocks but NEEDS to keep his eyes on him once he leaks into his route.

Cannon IS NOT a PR. Notice how high and loosely he is carrying this ball on this return which is why he eventually fumbles. This also has to raise concerns about his ball security in general.

Another example of Powell having no where to go. Herndon lined up as a offset FB and is sent on a wham block vs the 3 tech but seems to misjudge the 3 techs angle. Qvale doesn’t create any push and Powell is tackled for a loss.

Giants line up in a 2×2 gun set and run a outside zone. Cooper (backside 2 tech) shows off his athleticism. Instead of just crashing down in through the backside a gap, he shoots the backside b gap and still makes the play as the RB bends the run.

Both Luvu and Roberts play this poorly as the Jets run a cover 3 robber. Luvu cuts his exit angle too shallow allowing the stop in behind him. Needs to play deep to short and make the RB beat you on the swing. Roberts plays too safe with no other threat to his zone.

Solid play from Fatukasi (backside 1 tech) and Copeland (top of screen OLB). Fatukasi sees that the RG is coming to block him so he drops his shoulder to give the RG less of an area to block and scrapes down the LOS to make the tackle. Copeland sheds the TE to get in on the tackle.

Again another play showing the good (and a little bad) from Robinson who has been easily playing well enough to make the roster. Here opens just a tad too much but does get his shuffles in. See stop/start quickness, long speed and plays the ball well.

Best route of the game. Andre Roberts comes into motion makes the man defender run overtop of the whip route from Stew. Roberts knows the CB is already working outside so it will be hard for him to beat him there. Roberts cuts back up to get the DB to flip, clears with arm over.

Cant tell the defense (looks like cover 4) but know Burris end up being responsible for the outside WR on the post. Opens up outside as the vertical stem comes then has a fluid head whip as he breaks on the ball. Pretty athletic for his size but mis judges the ball.

Luvu (bottom 5 tech) shows his physicality as he delivers the bang to the TE in pass protection opening up his hips to the outside, in turn opening up the c-gap. Luvu then uses some more power with that inside arm to toss the TE aside to get the sack.

Bad contain from Robinson here. No matter what he can’t let the runner get to the outside of him. He needs to either take the fight to the TE or take a more conservative angle. Lets up a big gain, or is part of it at least.

Jets run a lead zone out of 22 personnel. This is an example of a play showing Cannons burst, speed and balance but showing mediocre vision. But he cuts up the middle when the outside has much more potential for a bigger gain.

Good corner route from Stewart here from the inside slot vs man coverage. Stewart presses vertically as the CB is playing with outside leverage (hard to get outside for Stewart). The vertical press gets the CB to open up too early allowing Stewart to cut outside.