TOJ New York Jets Film Breakdown – Jets vs Falcons Preseason Week 1

Joe Blewett with a film room breakdown of the New York Jets vs. Atlanta Falcons in week 1 of the preseason…

Joe Blewett with a full film room breakdown Jets vs. Falcons in week 1 of the preseason. For for more from Joe, follow here!

Jets run a lead outside zone. Thomas (who isn’t a lock or a “great” lead blocker as some think) misses the block on the DB who is creeping down to the edge. Thomas doesn’t have the athletic ability to adjust to the DB’s angle. Powell adjust nicely bending the corner and picking up 4, on what could have been a TKFL.

Falcons run a toss to the strong side. As they motion Shepard shifts from 5 to 4i tech. Shepard comes off of the snap low, shows strong hands, gets extension to get the RG off balance then jerks him inside. Nice pursuit to get the tackle down the LOS.

Jets run another lead outside zone but this time out of 22 personnel. Long is attempting to reach block the 1 tech but gets out muscled at the point of attack. Qvale (LT) can’t hold his block either, resulting in the TKFL on Powell.

Jets run a mesh concept with the Y running a stop to create some cluster/clear out the middle. Bridgewater stays patient in the pocket on 4th and 3. Then leads Kearse perfect, who makes a great catch away from his body and extended away from the DB.

Bridgewater was good vs the Falcons but did miss this throw… Jets run 4 verts vs this cover 3 look. Sterling has position on the DB who carries Sterling in his hook/curl zone on the post. Hard to tell if Bridgewater “ripped” the ball form this angle, but needs to make this play.

Crowell runs a drag from a tight inverted slot set to the boundary side. Bridgewater hits him vs the zone defense. Crowell shows decent speed to get around #42 and then lowers his head to get into the end zone.

Bad blocking by a few Jets here. Ijalana (LT) can’t seal the 4i tech. Harrison (OG) is leaning/doesnt take his feet with him vs the 0 tech which allows him to easily be jerked to the ground. Braden (RG) shows some late hands and bad placement, gets shed easily.

Jets motion Sterling to h-back on the strong side (bottom). Falcons in cover 3, Sterling releases and attacks the CB’s leverage which gets the CB to open his hips towards the sideline. As he does that, Sterling sticks hard outside and gets vertical on the seam route.

Jets run a weak lead zone. Cannon is taking an angle to the outside but the DB is taking his angle to contain it. Cannon then burst inside and picks up some good yardage. The cut wasn’t even that nice its just at the speed he does it.

Falcons run a inside zone-split. Pennel (0 tech) does a good job getting his hands inside, getting low and getting extension then jerk. Fatukasi (3 tech) does a good job attacking half of the LG and giving the LT a smaller area to block shielding off his chest.

Really liked this play from Darnold. First read is the swing route but can’t throw it as the OLB/DE is in his throwing window so he pulls the ball back down. Doesn’t panic and hits Sterling on the drag. Like the slide in the pocket, also throws from a bad base but gets it there.

Darnold showing some mobility. As he drops back in the pocket and reads the left side of the field and doesn’t see anything open. Doesn’t panic but then scrambles as he sees the flash of the 3 techs hand. That dip of the inside shoulder is important to lessen the body.

Darnold and Johnson werent on the same page here. Darnold isolates him pre-snap as the Falcons show cover 1. Darnold checks the safety again post snap, sees that the DB is playing over top and isn’t squeezing Johnson. Which is why he throws back shoulder, just a little off though as its too far outside.

Really strong edge set by Martin here, forcing the RB inside on the inside zone. Forcing him right into Pennel who easily disengages from the OC.

Falcons run cover 2 man with a hole defender. This is subtle but important. Darnold sees the cover 2 shell and then diagnoses that its man as the play goes on. The drag has position on the CB but Darnold notices the hole defender and takes the extra second to throw it.

Another pretty good play from Darnold here. Wish I had a better view but looks like cover 3 from the Falcons. Darnold has a 3 level read on top. Normal Qb’s take the inn from the top WR. Darnold sees the Curl/flat defender drive on the inn, so he hits the corner behind it.

Darnold has a pretty simple read to the bottom of the screen with the slant/flat concept (natural rub) vs man with two hook defenders inside. Reads that its man and sees that the slot CB is in terrible position (he truly plays this terribly) and hits Johnson for a should be TD.

Falcons show a man shell. Darnold has another slant/flat concept in the slot at the top with the z (top of screen) running a fade. He recognizes its not man as the outside slot corner drifts into his zone in the red 3 defense. Darnold abandons it and quickly hits Johnson.

Falcons drop into cover 3 and only rush 4. Darnold drops back and is reading the defense but starts to feel a little pressure. Then rolls out to the right (didn’t even need to but makes it an easier throw for himself in the end), gets his shoulder pointed and delivers to Johnson.

Jets in a cover 4 look. Falcons run a play action bootleg with a smash concept to the field side (bottom). Wilcox (SS) takes on the CB on the corner route but is way too flat footed at the break. Which leads to the WR getting past him and making the catch.

Notice the communication before the snap with the two safeties. Rotating to be high safety or give run support on the edge. Wilcox comes down as the TE comes back in motion to his side and aggressively attacks off of the edge and makes the tackle.

Cannon has shown a lot of ability as a runner with cutting/speed and even some vision but still needs to work at it. Here the Jets run lead inside zone, Flowers does a good job on his block on the OLB. Cannon needs to be more patient and see the hole open outside. Big hole missed where Cannon would have been 1v1 with a safety.

Hard to see exactly what technique/leverage etc from this view. But Shepard is the strong side 3 tech and beats the RT quickly to get into the backfield and put pressure on the QB.

Pennel (0 tech) comes off the snap with good hand placement under the centers pads as he is playing the run. Pennel peaks into the backfield and sees the QB looks to throw the ball, he then jerks the OC outside and throws an arm over. Gets the hit on the QB.

This looked like a miscommunication from Cannon and Darnold. Darnold flexes out wide in this 3×2 empty set. Cannon blows by the DB but looks like Darnold either expected him to get tighter to the sideline or break towards the sideline late.

Jets in 21 personnel and run a yankee concept with a flat from the RB. Darnold tries to hit Stewart on the deep over route. Darnold puts the ball in really good location even with not the cleanest feet. Stewart doesn’t make the catch (seems like the ball was tipped).

Donohue (standing up on edge, bottom) takes the fight to the RT as he explodes towards him. Extends the RT away from his body and clears his hips with the rip to get the tackle for loss.

Fatukasi (0 tech) shows some strength on this play over technique. Technique isn’t great as he comes up a little high + has a little hop off the snap. But still is able to bull the center back and get to the QB. There is a pretty obvious penalty here but still a solid snap.

Good snap from Cooper. Cooper consistently showed last year that he will get into the QB’s throwing lane and get his hands up when he wasn’t able to get to the QB. Does that here which leads to the INT for Hewitt.

Jets get Darnold moving on a play action bootleg to the field side. Whitehead runs a bad out route, Roberts comes from the backside on an over route. Darnold shows the ability to throw rolling to his weak side. Gets hips square and hips pointed.

Good rep for Hewitt here. Jets drop into a Tampa 2 defense. Hewitt is reading the QB and as he loads up, Hewitt jumps on the deep snag/stop. Hewitt doesn’t get there in time but notice how his left arm rips the TE’s hand off the ball causing the drop.

Last play. Fatukasi (near 3 tech) comes off the snap and grabs the RG’s inside arm with his inside arm. Fatukasi then places his outside hand on the outside shoulder of the RG and shoves him inside. He doesn’t get past so then he bulls into the QB forcing the fumble.

In Conclusion, We have to be happy with what we saw from the Jets in their first preseason game against the Falcons. Both the starting defense and backup defense were swarming to the balls and making plays. Both of the Quarterbacks (Darnold and Bridgewater) that the Jets needed to play well, played pretty damn well minus a few minor mistakes. Another positive you we have to draw from this is that a lot of the younger guys played well including Donohue, Hewitt, Cannon (partially), Sterling, Shepard and Fatukasi. The only unit that seemed to consistently struggle was the backup offensive line as they could hold blocks or get in the most advantageous position to successfully block their spot. We have to hope that the Jets continue to play like this in a few days when the Jets visit the Washington Redskins.

Here’s a list of some players who played well-

  • Cannon (at times)
  • Shepard
  • Darnold
  • Bridgewater
  • Sterling
  • Crowell
  • Brooks
  • Fatukasi
  • Shepard
  • Hewitt
  • Donohue
  • Kearse

And some of the players who struggled-

  • Jonathan Harrison
  • Cannon (as PR)
  • Ben Ijalana
  • Hasen/Stewart- no catches
  • Mauldin- didn’t play