New York Jets Injury Analysis – Training Camp Preview

Ketul Shah runs through the notable New York Jets injuries heading into training camp…

With training camp approaching, let’s take a look at the current injury chart and the likelihood of these players starting Week 1.

Quincy Enunwa – You can find a previous article on his neck injury that sidelined him last year here but it’s clear that he has successfully returned and will be ready at the start of training camp.

Marcus Maye – Coming off an arthroscopic surgery on his ankle that was performed after the season, Maye has yet to participate in the offseason program. Without specifics, it is tough to speak intelligently about what was done and the timetable of his return however it has been reported that he should be ready by the start of training camp.

Morris Claiborne – The oft-injured CB was spotted wearing a soft brace on his left wrist during the last few days of minicamp last month. It was reported that his wrist was severely bruised and will be wearing the brace for 6-8 weeks. The start of training camp will be at the 6 week mark which will make him questionable for the first week or two. The lack of football related activities serves to his benefit as the previously surgically repaired wrist has time to heal and not be re-aggravated during practices and scrimmages. Barring any setbacks, he should be ready by Week 1.

Terrelle Pryor – Similar to Maye, Pryor has been sidelined so far this offseason from a “minor” ankle/foot surgery however is likely to be ready for the start of training camp. Towards the end of minicamp, Pryor was no longer wearing a walking boot indicating that the ankle/foot has healed enough that he can weight bear on it. Given that approximately 1 month has passed since that report, he likely has progressed to the point where he now is jogging/running. Depending on the nature of the rehab, advanced motions like cutting/pivoting or hopping/jumping may have been initiated. All in all, Pryor seems destined to be ready for the season opener.

Jordan Jenkins – A shoulder injury was apparently suffered during minicamp that jeopardizes his ability to be ready by training camp. Again, no details have emerged about his injury so he is questionable at best once camp starts and if he will be ready for the season.

Rontez Miles – Miles is currently recovering from surgery to correct a torn meniscus that typically requires 3-4 months to return to sport. I wrote about knee injuries a few months ago however I wouldn’t expect Miles to return until at least the end of October.