TOJ New York Jets Film Room Breakdown – Jordan Jenkins 2017 (Short Form)

Joe Blewett with a film room breakdown of New York Jets OLB Jordan Jenkins

Another film room breakdown from the New York Jets 2017 season. Today we will look at outside linebacker Jordan Jenkins, make sure to check out our review of RT Brandon Shell from earlier this week:

Jenkins (weak side edge) drops back into his hook zone in this defense thats a mix of man/zone. Jenkins drifts to the boundary side as thats where Ryan is looking but doesn’t show the awareness to check the field of who is coming in his zone. TE gets the catch on the dig.

Here we see this issue with Jenkins (9 tech on left) most frequently used pass rush move, the bull rush. Comes into the bull a little high and doesn’t get extension in his arms. Jenkins is strong but doesn’t use it in the best way, allowing a good amount of OT’s to eventually anchor down.

Falcons run a tight zone out of 11 personnel gun set. Jenkins (6 tech on left side) shows strength as he crashes inside but as Freeman cuts back Jenkins is able to toss the TE to his knees. But the TE hold Jenkins not allowing him to make the tackle, flag should have been throw.

Jenkins (9 tech right side) always sets a really strong edge (when his assignment is to do so). Here gets into the TE and gets full arm extension with outside leverage. Forcing Coleman to cut bend the run back on the outside zone.

Another issue with Jenkins’ (7 tech right side) pass rush is the lack of stacking moves together (such as a bull-jerk or bull-rip). Here he gets the RT on his heels with the bull but still fails to follow up and get to the QB.

Jenkins takes a smart exit angle to the flat here as Freeman break out on the flat route. Jenkins drops back and avoids the outside WR in the tight inverted slot running the deep snag. And takes an angle not too flat to avoid getting beat by the RB.

This is a smart sack for 1 of 2 reasons. 1. Jenkins (right side 9) is disciplined and doesn’t fall for the PA. Or 2 (the more impressive which is seems like to me) is that Jenkins notices the split blocking coming on an outside zone? Which doesn’t usually happen. Knows its a play action pass.

Another problem with Jenkins’ (9 tech) bull rush is he doesn’t get low enough and here you can see how his upper body and his lower body aren’t linking together to create maximum power on the bull rush.

Jenkins (slanted 7 tech on right side) crashes down too hard/ doesn’t account for the crazy cutback on this tight zone from 11 gun personnel. Hard to account for McCoy’s crazy athleticism but Jenkins does hesitate when coming down. Also shows some of Jenkins tightness.

Jenkins (7 tech on left side) is a split second late to get out on his exit angle as McCoy breaks out on the flat route after the play-action. This is more the lack of being an explosive athlete but Jenkins also needs to play pass to run here.

Better bull rush snap for Jenkins (9 tech left side) as he links his lower body and lower body, gets under the RT’s pads and comes in with good arm extension.

Jenkins (7 tech) doesn’t execute the stunt very well. Starts to cross the RT’s face too soon, never threatening the RT so he doesn’t move off of his spot. RT easily passes Jenkins off and picks up Wilkerson who pressures Tyrod anyway because he starts to roll out.

Effort and smarts lead to the forced fumble for Jenkins (9 tech left side). He rushes the RT with the bull, the RG also assist at the end. Taylor rolls out to right and Jenkins chases him down. At the end of his pursuit notices Taylor holding to ball out loosely, so he strips it.

Jenkins (9 tech right side) gets a good bull rush on the RT and is probably going to be able to push the RT right into the QBS lap but lets up as he is looking to spot Taylor.

Jenkins (7 tech) comes off the edge and gets a decent push on the RT but again fails to follow up with any secondary move. Does get pressure on Smith as he rolls out to the right.

Jenkins (9 tech on right) comes in again with a bull rush (seems to have improved his tech later in the season) but again doesn’t stack his moves. He has great leverage to gets his hips through and to the QB where he could got the sack. Still hits Smith arm for the incompletion.

Jenkins (7 tech on right) throws a decent spin move on the RT. Rushes upfield to get the RT to open up his hips outside, plants that inside foot to spin off of (needs to plant that inside foot a little closer) and then goes to clear himself with that outside arm. RG has help inside.

Jenkins (7 tech on right side) starts to stack some moves but is slow to get into it. Jenkins rips thought the RT but as the RT is leaning hard to push Jenkins upfield, Jenkins feels it and spins back inside.

Jenkins (9 tech on right) vs a TE. Jenkins chops the TE’s outside arm with his inside arm and then bends the corner. Jenkins angle is a little flat but also has a TE on his back so he misses the sack.

Jenkins (7 tech) again rushes the RT with the bull. RT doesn’t have good form but Jenkins gets under his pads and disengages as Smith rolls out the the right (near sack) and chases him to the sideline. Huge hit by Leo as Smith throws the ball.

Chargers in 11 personnel gun. Jenkins (right side 7 tech) attacks inside as the RT sets hard outside on the 45 degree set. Jenkins crosses the face of the RT and chops away the inside arm with his outside arm. Getting the pressure on Rivers and forcing him to get rid of the ball.

Jenkins (6 tech on the strong side of this 13 personnel jumbo set) rushes towards the QB. The outside TE comes in on the crack block. As the TE gets into Jenkins, Rivers starts to roll out right on the Y-throwback. Jenkins chops away the TE’s arm and spins to pressure. Another nice play to show Jenkins’ motor.

Jenkins (7 tech on left) comes inside on the stunt. He doesn’t get pressure but he shows one of his best traits. When he doesn’t get in he will stack the offensive lineman/TE and keep his eyes in the backfield. Constantly getting his hands up to attempt to deflect the pass.

Another one of Jenkins’ best attributes shows on this play. He is rushing from the 9 tech spot on the right side of the screen. Chargers put a man in motion and run a fake swing pass to him then hit Gordon on a screen to the right. Jenkins shows 100% effort.

Chargers run a tight zone out of 13 personnel on the goal line. Jenkins (8 tech over top of 2nd TE) lowers his shoulder and quickly crashes down on the RB, not allowing the TE to slow him down. Gets in on the tackle with Lee.

Jenkins (9 tech on left side of screen) bulls the RT, who has some poor technique. Jenkins is a little high but is at least linking his lower and upper body. Jenkins fights to get to Brady and gets his hand on Brady’s throwing arm, forcing the incompletion.

Jenkins (6i tech on left) doesn’t get beat by the cut block from the LT. Keeps his eyes in the backfield and again gets those long arms up to get the pass deflection.

Jenkins (right side 7 tech) stacks the LT and keeps his outside leverage. As the RB is dancing around in backfield, Jenkins jerks the LT away. Comes in and lays a big hit on the RB. Great effort on this play.

Just a clip showing some versatility in Jenkins and how the Jets used him. Here the 4i tech and stunts with LW. Also gets a decent bull rush on the OC.

Last play of the review and it shows off some of Jenkins power. Here the 8 tech, he faces the combo block from the extra lineman and the TE. Stands his ground and then fights through the block of the O-lineman once he has outside leverage to make the tackle.

In conclusion, Jenkins has been a decent outside linebacker for the Jets over his first two years. Even though he primarily plays strong side linebacker he plays multiple positions including 3/4i(though rare)5/6/6i/7/8/8i/9 both standing up, 3 point and 4 point stances. Jenkins has the potential to be the long term starter at OLB but still has to improve in some key areas. Note that it was only his second year so there is still plenty of room to grow, especially for a 3rd round draft pick.

Some of these areas include recognition and awareness in zone coverage as he was rarely used there and when he was at times it was underwhelming. In terms of his pass rush he can improve on his leverage and linking his upper body and lower body. At times during the rush he is bending at the waist and not generating full power as he would if he were linear. Which for an already strong guy, if Jenkins can consistently link then he can improve his rush. He needs to develop more moves on the pass rush as well, he used the bull rush almost every time and offensive lineman are expecting it at this point, making it easier to stop. He needs to throw some rips, jerks, swims, clubs, swipes etc into his game just to change it up. At the minimum he needs to work on stacking moves together with his bull rush. At times we would see Jenkins get in good position with his bull and simply  need to just throw a rip or jerk get to the QB but he simply wouldn’t do it. Another way to improve on the pass rush numbers is to improve on his hesitation from playing run to pass rush as there was a clear pause at times when transitioning.

Jenkins is going to have to improve on these areas if he wants to be the long term starter at the OLB position. If he doesn’t then he will still be a decent player but still a replaceable player, especially if a better OLB falls into the Jets laps (in what world). Technique, power and effort are key for Jenkins because he will never be a Von Miller/ Melvin Ingram type of athletic linebacker. As there are clear examples of his lack of speed, bend, hip tightness and foot quickness. Overall I’m happy with Jenkins through two years for a 3rd round pick, the Jets have many holes to address before re-evaluating replacing Jenkins.


  • Strength.
  • Plays standing, 3 point and in 4 point stances.
  • Plays 3,4i (rare occurrences),5,6,6i,7,8,8i,9.
  • Played strong and wide side.
  • Long arms.
  • Always driving feet.
  • Aggressive.
  • Motor.
  • Sets strong edge.
  • Disciplined.
  • Always gets hands up to attempt to get a pass deflection.
  • Takes good angles to the ball carrier.
  • Physical.
  • Smart player.


  • Lack of pass rush moves.
  • Tight hips.
  • Heavy feet.
  • Slow on counter moves.
  • Slow to transition from pass to run.
  • Inconsistent in leverage on bull rush.
  • Doesn’t always link lower and upper body.
  • Doesn’t stack moves together.
  • Struggles to disengage blocks at times.
  • Mediocre athlete.
  • Slow hands.
  • Lack of burst of line.
  • Change of direction speed.
  • Not much bend around the corner.
  • Plays high.