TOJ New York Jets Film Room Breakdown – Brandon Shell 2017 (Short Form)

Back with another film review. Note that in an attempt to get the most player reviews done before the season (where ill start doing full game reviews), some players will be shorter form reviews. So instead of watching all 16 games I’ll strategically pick out 4/5 games to showcase both the players strengths and weaknesses.

Shell (hopefully everybody knows he is the RT) hops into his block here generating no power and has no base. Base is also pretty narrow, does eventually anchor though.

Shell leans into the block from the waist (unable to generate full power) and has a weak punch and doesn’t get full extension. Gets the crap smacked out of him with the swim move. Bad rep for Shell here.

Jets run inside zone-split. Shell comes into his block too high with a weak punch, again not generating much power.

Jets run a mid-zone. Shell again comes into the block too high with not a great base. Also notice his hand placement not going to generate much power/push with your hands on the shoulders instead of on the chest.

Shell does a good job keeping his hips square to the 5 tech here. Also see where his long arms come into play, as he is able to get his hands on before the 5 tech is able to get his hands on Shell.

Shell opens up his hips not staying square to Mack (9 tech) and doesn’t drop back far enough in his vertical set, he panics at times against guys with speed.

Smart play from Shell and shows something that some bad OT’s can’t do. During the deuce block on this wide zone, Shell keeps his eyes on the LB. Shell then shuffles to the second level and uses his body to shield the gap. Shell is a good athlete and is usually accurate in the 2nd level.

Shell also shows some smarts. Here doesn’t get distracted by Mack crossing his face and gets out on blitzer. Wish he didn’t give up on the block though.

Shell is attempting to seal Mack on the backside of the play but falls for Mack’s jab inside. Shell hops into his block, has no base and is leaning way too much (hence why he falls when Mack swims him) and Mack gets in on the tackle.

Jets run a tight zone with a fake jet sweep. Shell again comes into his block too high, doesn’t drive his feet and has a weak punch.

And again we see Shell leaning/reaching into his block and gets easily swam inside.

Good rep for Shell here, showing off some length. Shell drops back, assist with the 4i tech inside but keeps his hip square to the 7 tech. Length shown of with that outside arm reaching to get the outside shoulder of Wake.

Shell is taking a jump set on this quick drop/pass. But is again leaning into the block/bending at the waist. Also has some poor footwork as his feet don’t shuffle but are instead almost crossing over each other. Hard to adjust quickly when one foot is coming up so high.

Shell again comes into a block a little too high, doesn’t have a great base and misses his punch on the “hug” technique. Hug technique is more of a conservative technique but CAN’T miss the punch as your already losing power by attacking the shoulders.

Shell does a good job fighting back on the play. Initially gets hit hard with the bull rush but fights to push Wake upfield as he rips through/tries to bend the corner.

Jets run power from 11 personnel. One of the big positives in Shells game is his athleticism in the open field + his accuracy/angles to the 2nd level. Here blocks down to help the RG get leverage on the 3 tech then gets to the 2nd level and pancakes the LB.

Shell is initially hit the the double swipe from the 5 tech (misses on the outside arm of Shell with his outside arm). Shell shows some nice hips getting square quickly to the DE after his move. Also has some nice placement as his inside hand gets the chest of the DE.

Shell gets out of his stance quickly here and shows some athleticism on his vertical set. Also shows a good anchor as Miller (ridiculous speed off of the line) tries to bull rush (something Shell struggles with).

Shell gets out pretty quickly on his 45 degree set but opens up his hips slightly too early. Miller responds by throwing the inside spin move (he is crazy good) but doesn’t get the sack because Winters has inside help.

Great play from Miller as he burst upfield and gets Shell to punch. As Shell punches Miller deflects the inside hand with with inside arm and hits Shells outside arm with that same inside arm then spins inside for the sack. Shell again leans from his waist.

The 7 tech gives Shell a hesitation which makes Shell react to the inside. Shell shows some good athleticism and length to gets his hands on the rusher and work him upfield.

Smart play from Shell here. As he is getting bull rushed into the QB’s lap, Shell turns his hips to work Miller upfield which leads to Miller not getting the sack.

Snap showcasing Shell’s length. Miller uses the one arm stab which generally keeps the rushers chest free because one arm extended has more length then two. Unfortunately for Miller, Shell has some pretty long arms and is able to get his outside arm on Miller’s chest.

Good snap from both Shell and Dozier here. As the Chargers execute a stunt with Bosa/Ingram. Shell doesn’t carry Bosa too far inside and shows some athleticism to get back out vs Ingram. Also notice how Dozier pushed/notified Shell to get back outside. Great snap.

Another smart play for Shell on a blitz. He doesn’t get distracted by Ingram who is running upfield directly at Shell to distract him from the DB blitzing outside. Shell passes off Ingram to Dozier while Shell picks up the blitzer.

Not the cleanest rep for Shell but he figures out a way to get the job done. Ingram rushes with pure speed and is starting to bend the corner. Shell gets both hands on the inside shoulder and instead of trying to ride him upfield, he pushes Ingram to redirect him completely.

Might have been a little bit of a hold from Shell (wasn’t flagged). Bosa rushes and is going to turn power into a double swipe (then probably into a rip). But Shell does a good job keeping his hips square, outside arm strong and locked and fighting with his inside arm.

Frequently see Shell take 45 degree sets vs bigger DEs/OLB to not let them build up power and have to fight through more ground. The DE attempts to use a club-rip combo. After the club and transitioning into the rip when the DE body is vulnerable, Shell knocks the DE off of his path.

Athleticism shown on this counter run from Shell. Initially helps Winters get leverage on the 4i tech, then throws a shot to the 1 tech scraping down the LOS, then gets to the 2nd level to block the backside LB. Good play from Shell here even though the run went for very little.

Shell takes another 45 degree set vs the 7 tech. Looks like the 7 tech is going for the rip but Shells length shows up again. Even though Shell is again bending too much at the waist but he gets his long arms into the DE and gets full extension knocking the DE off his path.

Some better technique from Shell on this vertical set. Keeps his hips square, elbows tight, good linear bend from waist/knees and keeps Petty clean.

Shell vs Cam Jordan. Shell takes a 45 degree set but is standing way too high coming into his block and is ducking his head. Jordan hits Shell with the spin, easily getting inside to get pressure on Petty leading to the PD.

The last play of the review and one of my favorites of what I’ve watched from Shell. Saints run a delayed TE stunt which is set up pretty well. Shell shows some quickness reacting to Jordan coming inside but shows even quicker hips/feet getting back outside on the stunt.

In conclusion Shell is a below average starter at this point in his carer but has the potential to become a decent starter in the NFL. He most likely will get his 3rd and 4th year to prove that he can be the long term solution at RT considering the Jets have some older players/bigger problems on the offensive line including Carpenter, Long (based on health) and Beachum who isn’t getting any younger. Overall for a 5th round draft pick I would personally call Shell a successful pick at this point, but keep in mind a good backup swing tackle in the 5th round is a successful pick in my mind. So I’m not saying Shell is the “long term future” at RT and to be quite honest I don’t know where the hell people get that from at this point in his career. A positive sign is how he finished the season in games @ the Saints and versus Bosa/Ingram with the Chargers. Shell flashes some great athleticism in both the pass game and getting to the second level in the run game and shows some smarts picking up blitzes and stunts. Shells biggest problem stem from his lack of foot drive, narrow base, bend at the waist and some other technical flaws that might keep him from ever being the long term RT of this team.


  • Good length.
  • Sets up angles well in run game.
  • Accurate punch.
  • Decent kick slide.
  • Athleticism in both  the second level and to make up after initially losing on a block.
  • Picks up blitzes and stunts from both he inside and outside well.
  • Can redirect speed rushers upfield using his length.
  • Re-sets hands quickly on counter moves.
  • Understands when to use 45 degree sets, vertical sets and jump sets.
  • Flashes quick hips at times.
  • Smarts.
  • Knows when to use straight punch vs hug techniques.


  • Bad base.
  • Inconsistent anchor.
  • Doesn’t play with good leverage in run game.
  • Panics with speed rushers after initial kick slide.
  • Opens hips too early in pass protection.
  • Doesn’t drive feet in run game
  • Doesn’t have that fight/killer instinct.
  • Inconsistent strength in punch.
  • Ducks heads into blocks.
  • Upper body and lower body aren’t always linked.
  • Susceptible to bull rush versus speed rushers.
  • Doesn’t get punch into chest in run game.
  • Doesn’t drop vertically enough versus speed rushers.