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New York Jets All-Time QB Rankings  

The New York Jets do not have the most storied history at the quarterback position but in honor of Joe Namath’s 75th birthday, let’s take a stab at ranking the top ten (AMBITIOUS) quarterbacks in franchise history. A reminder that I am 31 years old so I did not see a few of these guys play in real time. If you have a problem with the #takes, remember to tweet your complaints right here:

1 – Joe Namath: You are trolling if you don’t put Namath number one. The stat line isn’t pretty but is often misconstrued if not put in the proper context of his era. He was ahead of his time and spent the majority of his career as a top three player at his position, never mind delivering the franchise their only Super Bowl with his iconic guarantee. 60-61-4 as a starter, 2-1 in the playoffs with 1 Super Bowl win. 

2 – Ken O’Brien: The Jets starting quarterback from late 1984-1991. O’Brien took the team to the playoffs twice.. He finished his career with a more than respectable 126 touchdowns to 99 interceptions and over 25,000 yards passing. O’Brien made a pair of Pro Bowls for the Jets and in 1985 was the highest rated quarterback in the NFL. 50-55-1 as a starter, 0-2 in the playoffs. 

3 – Chad Pennington: Came on the scene in a blaze of glory in 2002 before settling into an up and down injury plagued career. When Pennington was healthy and rolling, he had the look of a true franchise quarterback but unfortunately that only came in spurts. In 2002 he led the NFL in passer rating and brought the Jets to playoffs on three separate occasions (2002, 2004 and 2006). 32-29 as a starter, 2-3 in the playoffs. 

4 – Vinny Testaverde: He brought the Jets to the cusp of a Super Bowl in 1998 and then suffered a devastating injury the following year. He would eventually rebound to get the team back into the playoffs but we’ll always have to wonder what could have been in 1999. He made the Pro Bowl for the Jets in 1998 and made one final appearance in 2005 for the team during a lost season. 35-26 as a starter, 1-2 in the playoffs. 

5 – Richard Todd: The starting quarterback for the early part of the 1980s that dragged the Jets out of irrelevance. He started the third most games of any quarterback in franchise history and brought the team to the AFC Championship Game. I didn’t see him play live but based on the numbers, you can make a case he should be higher than Pennington or Testaverde based on his longevity as a starter, although he finished with 124 touchdowns to 161 interceptions.. 42-51-1 as a starter, 2-2 in the playoffs. 

6 – Mark Sanchez: THE SANCHIZE. No Jets quarterback has won more playoff games or played in more AFC Championship Games. Despite ending in ignominy, Sanchez won more games than he lost for the Jets and had a statistically impressive 2010 and 2011 season. 33-29 as a starter, 4-2 in the playoffs. 

7 – Boomer Esiason: Started 42 largely unsuccessful games for the Jets in the dark days of the mid 90s. During his time in New York he finished with 49 touchdowns to 39 interceptions.

8 – Brett Favre: One season that looked poised for a Super Bowl at 8-3 but ended in disaster at 9-7. Favre finished his only season for the Jets with 22 touchdowns and 22 interceptions.

9 – Pat Ryan: Started 19 games for the Jets throughout the 1980s and won a playoff game as a starting quarterback for them in 1986. He finished his career with 31 touchdowns to 35 interceptions.

10 – Ryan Fitzpatrick: A damn tragedy but he has to be in the top 10 with 27 starts and a productive 2015 season under his belt. He finishes his tenure with the Jets at 43 touchdowns to 32 interceptions. Fitzpatrick probably should be #9 but I don’t have the heart to put him any higher.

Honorable Mention: Neil O’Donnell, Browning Nagle, Dick Wood

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Author: Joe Caporoso

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