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Joe Caporoso on recent NFL Draft grades given to the New York Jets in this week’s BUFFET via RAZER SPORT…

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NFL Draft Grades! 

Let’s take a quick look through the history books at the instant reaction NFL Draft grades given to the New York Jets since Mike Maccagnan became the GM. For the purpose of this article we’ll focus on three publications: NFL.com, Sports Illustrated and Bleacher Report.





As it stands today, 2015 has been the worst overall class but was initially the highest graded. It is too early to evaluate 2017 or 2018 but the Jets will need one more major contributor to emerge from last year’s class to complement Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye to make the initial skepticism around the class unfounded, or Adams will need to become an All-Pro caliber safety while Maye remains a good to very good starter.

Many of the Jets current roster issues derive from the 2014 and 2015 draft classes being such duds. 2016 doesn’t look much better unless Darron Lee takes big strides this year and Brandon Shell proves he can stay healthy for an entire season. The draft is a crap shoot but you have to build depth in the middle and late rounds, so far the Jets have not done much of that. They also haven’t seen their top picks turn into All-Pro caliber players. Leonard Williams and Jamal Adams have been good but not All-Pro…yet. The good news for the Jets is if Sam Darnold is a franchise quarterback, it washes away many of the previous mistakes.

Questionable Snack Tweet Of The Week 

I need to keep a closer eye on our young pups at Whistle Sports. You can’t be messing around with Chex Mix like this. Is this the best element of it? No. Does that mean it needs to go? Absolutely not. You don’t mess with the mix or the proportions of the mix. If you just want to eat Chex, eat out of a box of cereal. If you just want to eat pretzels, eat a bag of pretzels. If you want all of them and the snack below mixed together with a few other things, you enjoy the surprise and delight of Chex Mix.

Random NFL GIF Of The Week 

SANCHIZE BOMB from last time the Jets played the Lions in Detroit…

What Do I Watch Now? 

Barry, HBO – I have mentioned the show before but the season finale is this week! It is easy to lose this 30 minute series in the shuffle of Billions, Westward and Atlanta but it is a nice change of pace that bounces between comedy and drama. Bill Hader and all Chechen mafia texting jokes are terrific.

Who Do I Read Now?

The President’s Club – Nancy Gibbs – For you history/political buffs, an overview of how living Presidents interact with each other after leaving the office and what their personal relationships were like, starting with the Truman administration and working up through Barack Obama.

TOJ Shopping Story Addendum 

I have appreciated the feedback and engagement on this tweet of my trials and tribulations while furniture shopping.

After sending the tweet, my wife commented on how it was not funny and wagered me (the epically high stakes of who could pick out what we are eating for dinner tonight) it would receive less than 100 total engagements. I have secured the victory but will not be picking what we are eating for dinner since my wife pregnant and ultimately remains the boss. Happy wife, happy life my friends.

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