Turn On The Jets Final 2018 NFL “Quiet Season” Buffet

Joe Caporoso on what to watch out for in the coming months as the NFL enters “quiet season” in this week’s BUFFET from RAZER SPORT

Every Wednesday or Thursday during the NFL season (and offseason), Joe Caporoso will break down the upcoming week of NFL action. Unfasten the belts and prepare to gorge on another weekend of fandom, fantasy, gambling, tweeting, cheering, complaining…and complaining. 

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NFL “Quiet Season” 

It is kind of quiet season now in the NFL, finally! There will be rookie minicamps this weekend where everybody looks incredible in shorts and t-shirts. All of the receivers will be surprisingly fast. All of the pass rushers will look unblockable. All of the quarterbacks will have at least one great leadership moment or “wow” throw. This is practically baked into the league/media calendar at this point. We will also soon get OTAs and full minicamp, where we have now reached the point with the NFL where 7 on 7 stats from these practices are shared. CAN YOU BELIEVE DARNOLD WENT 5-5 FOR 41 YARDS IN PRACTICE TODAY?!?

All that matters from today until late July is for everybody to stay healthy and stay out of trouble. There could be a few minor transactions but it is more likely there is a flurry of them once roster cut downs begin (a pass rusher would still be nice, Mike Maccagnan). It will be fun to see and hear about players on the field again throughout May and July but nothing that happens in these practices really matters (hell, most of what happens in training camp practices doesn’t matter). This is a critical time for incoming rookies to master their playbooks and get comfortable in their new cities so camp and preseason is ultimately a smooth process.

Enjoy some of the peace and quiet, along with the premature prognostications that will come up with it for the prospects of 2018 teams.

Incredible Snack/Condiment Combination Of The Week 

Pretzels and Ken’s Honey Mustard 

The Joe Montana and Jerry Rice of mindless snacking. Fill up a cereal bowl of Ken’s Honey Mustard, line up an enormous bag of pretzels and enjoy bliss for the following few hours while you watch TV and passively fight with people who have 18 digits at the end of their handle on TweetDeck. Don’t be shy about drenching those pretzels either or having a shameful look on your face when your wife returns home to see your shirt covered in yellow stains.

Random NFL GIF Of The Week 

If he retires, cheers to a great career for Antonio Gates!

What Do I Watch Now? 

A Request! – My timeline is dominated by Avengers chatter and yet I’m not into any of these movies. Where would one start if he wanted to work through the Marvel Cinema Universe?

Who Do I Read Now?

The Force, Don Winslow – Thank you Twitter friends for the recommendation here, I started a few days ago and I have thoroughly enjoyed this one on the NYPD. I’m on a fiction kick right now and this will definitely keep it going.

Early Vegas Odds Feedback

It is hard to get worked up about the Jets Super Bowl odds because as it stands now they are most likely not a 2018 playoff team. However, I wouldn’t characterize them as the worst team in the NFL either but with these odds working under an assumption that Sam Darnold is only going to start 5 or so games (this better not be accurate), why would you think a team led by Josh McCown, who is 23-50 as a starter, would win the Super Bowl? As it stands today, the Jets feel like a 6-10/7-9 team, that could change but I wouldn’t be betting my money on a Super Bowl championship.

It makes sense Saquon Barkley is the front runner for OROY but as mentioned below, does that equate to the Giants being contenders this season? DJ Moore, Baker Mayfield and Quenton Nelson are all also players to keep an eye on (along with Darnold and Josh Rosen). I’d bet heavily on Lamar Jackson getting at least 1 start, as well (his over/under is only listed at 0.5). I’d be surprised if Josh Allen hits his over (10.5). He seems more likely to sit behind AJ McCarron for at least 2-3 months before Buffalo trots him out there with such a depleted offense.

Photo Credit: NFL.com 

Author: Joe Caporoso

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