Thank You New Jersey – Ten Wagers For The 2018 New York Jets

Joe Caporoso with 10 wagers to place on the 2018 New York Jets with sports gambling now legal in New Jersey…

New Jersey, always a leader in innovation and forward thinking (along with Italian food and gas pump distribution), has led the charge in the Supreme Court to legalize sports gambling. As somebody who was born in the state and is moving back later this week (HELLO, HOBOKEN), I tip my cap to our great Garden State which doesn’t get its name in any NFL team titles despite being home to two of them. (shockingly, East Rutherford is not part of Manhattan). With gambling no longer relegated to the back rooms of Bada Bing and Satriale’s, let’s look at ten somewhat serious wagers you should place on the 2018 New York Jets…

1 – OVER: 5,000 tweets from Jets fans calling for Robby Anderson to be released: Anderson is 25 years old and was the team’s best offensive player in 2017 but has had multiple off the field issues. Despite this being concerning, the initial reports around his legal run ins tend to be blown out of proportion and then walked back into less severe problems. Anderson is going to be on the team next year (and the year after, at least) and may not be suspended at all this season. Despite this whenever anything negative about him flares up (from a clerical error by his lawyer, to an Instagram post or a dropped pass) you can count on a wave of “HE MUST GO” tweets. Of course, many of these same individuals will be doing cartwheels the first time he catches a 70 yard touchdown from Sam Darnold this season. HAMMER THAT OVER on self righteous tweeting, though.

2 – NO: Will Todd Bowles or Mike Maccagnan Reveal Anything Of Value In A Press Conference? Neither the Jets Head Coach or GM are forthcoming with their public statements, which is a fairly standard NFL practice. You are either getting word salad about competition or misleading statements about roster decisions. Whenever they speak it becomes headline material by default but that doesn’t mean there is any news there. An example from this offseason is Bowles answering a question about Christian Hackenberg with the doozy “Christian is a quarterback on our team.” Maybe he will just read his Wikipedia entry next time.

3 – NO: Will Christian Hackenberg Ever Play A Snap For The Jets? While we are on the topic, this ship has sailed. Sorry to the remaining members of #HackHive. It is like The Sopranos, it is over (well actually it never started), find a new show…preferably one starring a 20 year old from California.

4 – OVER: 1,000 Ryan Fitzpatrick or Greg McElroy Jerseys Converted Into Sam Darnold Jerseys: Jerseys are expensive, which is why you are always better off buying a t-shirt (COUGH, COUGH). However, plenty of industrious fans who made the foolish decision of buying a Ryan Fitzpatrick jersey or the asinine decision to buy a Greg McElroy one (trust me, they are out there) will be wisely breaking out the duct tape to support their new quarterback. I still can’t fathom buying a Ryan ‘Freakin Fitzpatrick jersey but at least make good use out of it now.

5 – OVER: 5.5 Wins: A more serious wager! The Jets managed 5 wins last year with Wesley Johnson snapping the ball to Josh McCown and Bryce Petty. They are in a division with two other mediocre teams and play the Browns. Nobody is telling you to throw money away on the Jets astronomical Super Bowl odds but it is far from crazy to think they could find their way to 6 or 7 wins.

6 – OVER: 5.5 Sam Darnold Starts: This number is way too low. People are overestimating Todd Bowles’ affinity for veterans and ignoring the completely logical argument for playing Darnold in year one. If Darnold hits the under, the entire Jets organization failed in 2018.

7 – UNDER: 5 Jets Fans Who Admit They Ever Liked Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen As Quarterback Prospects: After Sam Darnold was the Jets selection any Jets fan who had spent the previous few months talking up Mayfield or Rosen basically got the Men In Black memory erase treatment. Darnold is the only one who ever existed and the only one who will ever exist and any person who has a negative word to say about him will be shouted down into an oblivion.

8 – NO: Will The Jets Have A Player With 10+ Sacks? Let this serve as further emphasis for the team to either spend an exoborant amount of money on a pass rusher next offseason or utilize a premium draft pick on one. We are still waiting to replace John Abraham over a decade later…

9 – OVER: 50,000 Salty Giants Fans Who Are Convinced Eli Has 5 More Years: Remember this every time Darnold has a positive moment this season and the Giants fan in your life quickly responds that Saquon Barkley is a generational talent and Eli can play into his early 40s. Remind them running backs are the easiest position to fill in the sport and Eli had a YPA last season that resembled a fullback’s YPC.

10 – YES: The Jets Will Have A 1,000 yard Receiver: I don’t know if it is Quincy Enunwa or Robby Anderson but this is the season it happens. NO MORE BRYCE PETTY LATE SEASON JINX!

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports