PrimeSport Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Bowles/Maccagnan Regime’s Top Wins Edition

Joe Caporoso with a PrimeSport Turn On The Jets 12 Pack

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The Mike Maccagnan and Todd Bowles “ERA” has been unsuccessful so far with a 20-28 record, hence coming up with their 12 best wins was not an easy task. Let’s hope Sam Darnold leads the New York Jets in a blaze of glory in the coming years so just about all of these are pushed off the list…

1 – Week 16 vs New England, 2015: The only Bowles/Maccagnan victory over New England in three years and one that appeared to pave the way to a playoff spot (DOH!). New England wasn’t quite at full strength in this one but a win over the Patriots is a win over the Patriots. This is probably the only time since 2011 that MetLife (for a Jets home game) has actually been rocking and had an atmosphere that felt like a big game. It still makes no sense why Bill Belichick deferred in overtime.

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2 – Week 13 at Giants, 2015: In the middle of the Jets late season five game winning streak, this fourth quarter comeback was one of the most fun regular season wins in recent team history. It is always good to beat big brother. Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and yes even Ryan Fitzpatrick before he turned into a pile of crap, were absolutely terrific in this one.

3 – Week 2 at Buffalo, 2016: The Jets offense exploded and provided a temporary false hope that they would pick up where they left off for most of the 2015 season, while also getting a small measure of revenge against Buffalo for week 17 the prior year (very small measure). This was also a bit of a coming out party for Quincy Enunwa, who made a few ridiculous plays like this:

4 – Week 2 at Indianapolis, 2015: It was not a surprise the Jets beat Cleveland in week 1 of the 2015 season but it was a surprise they went into Indianapolis on Monday Night Football and beat the crap out of Andrew Luck. The Jets defense, who had no ability to force turnovers in 2014, had five takeaways in this victory.

5 – Week 3 vs Miami, 2017: After two ugly road losses to start the season, the Jets had many wondering if they would actually fulfill some of the outlandish 0-16 predictions from before the season. Fortunately in week 3 they put this narrative to rest by thoroughly dominating the Dolphins in their home opener. Somewhere, Robby Anderson is still running…

6 – Week 4 at. Miami, 2015: LONDON FOOTBALL! The Jets bounced back from their first loss 2015 by buying the Dolphins first thing in the morning for us on the East Coast. Brandon Marshall caught a bomb on the game’s first drive, it was quickly 7-0 and it was basically all smooth sailing from there…hell, even the immortal Zac Stacy scored a touchdown.

7 – Week 9 vs. Buffalo, 2017: Primetime victories over divisional opponents are always an enjoyable thing, particularly when they launch a nationally recognized meme about your team.

8 – Week 8 at Cleveland, 2016: For a few moments it looked like the Jets would suffer a humiliating loss to the win less Browns but fortunately Quincy Enunwa and Bilal Powell had other plans…

9 – Week 15 at Dallas, 2015: A primetime game that had TRAP written all over it. The Jets sweated this one out to keep their playoff hopes alive, thanks to a game winning game drive sprung by KENBRELL THOMPKINS (who unfortunately could not make a similar catch in week 17 of this season).

10 – Week 14 vs. Tennessee, 2015: Another part of the Jets five game winning steak in 2015, where instead of sweating out a trap game, they simply pummeled an inferior team. It was good to see them have the killer instinct in a home game.

11 – Week 12 vs. Miami, 2015: See above, in a game that was so lopsided it featured a DEVIN SMITH touchdown.

12 – Week 13 vs Kansas City, 2017: Not ideal for draft positioning but encouraging to see a team who would have got killed in 2016 when down 14-0, come back and win. This win also led to Marcus Peters having an epic on field meltdown.

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