How Bad Are We Talkin’ Here?

J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets! Some say you can still faintly hear this chant echoing across the aisles of MetLife Stadium. It’s more likely, however, in 2018, that this cheer will be uttered by opposing fans upon looking up their team’s schedule and seeing that green-and-white logo. Yes, seeing the Browns on the schedule is exciting, too. But guess what – Vegas has released the odds to win Super Bowl LIII and who is dead last? Not the Browns, but the lowly Jets. So what are the New York Jets odds for next season? Those bold enough to place money on a Jets Super Bowl and have their dreams come true will be rewarded with 150-1 for their money. You can now place bets easily on-the-go with BetPhoenix mobile, especially useful for those Jets fans still in hiding (maybe under the cover of a paper bag).

Who’s the Captain?

Quarterback Josh McCown had a very impressive 2017 campaign and was the reason the Jets managed to win five games. Teddy Bridgewater joins the team this year after suffering a nasty knee injury that cost him nearly two full seasons. The team has announced that McCown will start, leaving Bridgewater and prospect Christian Hackenberg to sit the bench. There is an old adage in football, “If you have two quarterbacks, you have none.” Normally competition at this position leads to divisions within the team and mistrust. For this reason, it is good that the Jets have declared McCown their starter. After all, he deserves it after his 2017 season. The problem is that McCown will most likely not be able to sustain success over another sixteen game schedule. Looking at his year-by-year performances suggests that putting together two good seasons in a row is not something that McCown is capable of. With a quarterback with starting experience on the bench plus the second-round pick Hackenberg waiting in the wings, you have to think that the Jets will not display large amounts of patience should McCown begin to struggle. Their quarterback situation screams “mid-season controversy,” which is infinitely worse than a pre-season quarterback controversy.

Supporting Cast

On offense, the Jets do not have much to boast about outside of McCown. Incoming running back Isaiah Crowell is probably a name you have heard of, but he is coming off of a disappointing 2017 season with the Browns in which he found the endzone only twice, his yards per carry declined by nearly a full yard from his 2016 mark, and his yards per catch dropped off even more.

The Jets best defensive player in 2017, linebacker Demario Davis, has left in free agency to the Saints after leading the Jets in both tackles and sacks. On the bright side, the Jets return their next best linebacker and the staple of their secondary, respectively, Darron Lee and Jamal Adams.

Of course, we cannot write a football article in April without mentioning the NFL Draft. With the number three overall pick, the Jets are poised to take a step forward by filling a position of need, which is basically every position. Their roster is anything but finalized, but the 2018 outlook sure looks bleak for Todd Bowles and the boys.