New York Jets – Round Two Tuesdays: Dallas Goedert and Malik Jefferson

Daniel Mosher with a closer look at two second round targets for the Jets: Dallas Goedert and Malik Jefferson

While the rest of the football world is deep into the sunken place that is the Legal Tampering Period, Dan Mosher is back with a special free agency themed edition of Round Two Tuesday. 

For all the Jets fans who’ve already broken their hands from how hard they’ve smashed the panic button, we’re gonna get through this. Wipe away those Kirk-induced tears and let’s look at some potential draft day replacements for two of our own free agents: Austin Sefarian-Jenkins and Demario Davis.

Unfortunately, it seems that ASJ may be headed out the door after his most promising season yet. For his replacement, I went to the FCS, and a sensational pass catcher who is quickly climbing up draft boards.

Dallas Goedert – TE – South Dakota State

Goedert has the size, speed and pure athleticism to thrive as one of the league’s top receiving tight ends. Plus, he isn’t a one-trick-pony, he’s showed a willingness and talent to help in both the run game and pass protection.

As with any small-school guy, a big knock is that they may not be able to handle themselves as the competition increases. When that’s the case, you look for the guys who are absolutely dominant at the lower level. After watching a bunch of film on Goedert, it was unfair at times to watch people attempt to cover him.

Even in his only FBS match up, in 2016 against a stout TCU defense, Goedert put up 96 yards on five catches and a touchdown.

The most eye popping part of Goedert’s game is his ability to create big yards after catch with his agility and strength. He always seems to require a gang tackle, and has a knack for finding every single yard he can.

In the clip below, he has the power and awareness to keep his feet churning in bounds as long as he can, getting him an extra few yards.

On this inside screen, Goedert slips the first tackle, uses The Force to completely destroy the second attempt, and jukes through the third before being taken down.

Goedert runs solid routes, especially when lined up as an inline blocker. He completely fools the linebackers in both clips below; while using his speed in the first clip to separate from the safety, as well.

What fans are sure to love most of all, though, is his penchant for the dramatic. Goedert routinely and easily makes some absolutely spectacular catches.

These plays are not only flashy, but they create the kind of galvanizing buzz that you want on a young, hungry team. When was the last time the Jets offense was exciting? That could change quite a bit with the addition of Goedert.

The reason I like Goedert so much is because of his willingness to work as a blocker. He will need to sure up his technique on the next level, and these two textbook blocks below give me all the confidence that he can.

Goedert is a quick rising prospect who has the skill set to develop into one of the league’s best tight ends, and could immediately jump into a starting role with the Jets on day one.

Malik Jefferson – LB – Texas

Built in the mold of fellow Longhorn linebackers Derrick Johnson and Jordan Hicks, Jefferson is an extremely gifted athlete who laid some serious hits at the college level.

A rangy, explosive backer, Jefferson is often a heat seeking missile in the running game, who is able to diagnose the play and meet the backer at or before the line of scrimmage.

Aside from his pure speed, Jefferson is strong enough to wade through the garbage in order to make a play. In the two plays below, he instantly deciphers the play, climbs through traffic and hammers down Ronald Jones II (a future Round Two Tuesday prospect).

Jefferson needs be more instinctual at the next level. I imagine he will have some early growing pains, but those should fade as he begins to play without thinking.

At the college level, he was able to rely on his athleticism to cover up his mental lapses. In the clip below he initially bursts into the gap and should have been washed out of the play, but his quickness lets him fly past the tight end and get up-field for the TFL.

While Jefferson is still a raw talent, but his athletic ability and nose for the football already has teams considering him a late first round choice. If the Jets lose Demario Davis and Jefferson sits there in Round Two, go for it.