TOJ Roundtable – New York Jets Week 14 Review Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discusses the New York Jets 23-0 loss to the Denver Broncos

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What are you most disappointed with from the New York Jets 23-0 loss to the Denver Broncos?

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David Aitken: I don’t really know where to start. This was the most unwatchable game the Jets have played all year, and up there with some of the 2016 stinkers. Others on this roundtable have done a great job hitting on coaching issues and the disappointing way in which McCown’s season (and possibly Jets tenure) has come to an end. For me, I think the most disappointing thing is that the fun is over. Regardless of how you felt on what was best for this team, it was fun watching this team under Josh McCown, way more than I think anybody could have expected. Particularly at home, he was at times a legitimately good starting quarterback, and helped showcase the talents of Robby Anderson, the team’s breakout player. The Jets scored points, they competed, they were watchable.

The Jets now play three strong opponents to end the season, two on the road, with a quarterback situation now as bad as any across the league. It’s a little later than everyone expected, but we’re going to see what #JetsTank could have looked like without McCown as the starter. I don’t expect the Jets to be very competitive at all in these remaining three games.

Scott MasonI guess watching the Jets get absolutely destroyed all afternoon was the most disappointing aspect of yesterday’s game. Morris Claiborne had one of his worst games of the season and I would have liked to see ASJ used more, but in a bloodbath like this, it feels like a waste of time complaining about individual performances. That said, I realize it was a very small sample size but if Bryce Petty wants any chance of being on this roster in any capacity next season, he is going to have to play significantly better than he did yesterday. I hope he i capable of at least being passable, because if he isn’t, it would surely stunt the performances of Robby Anderson and Jermaine Kearse the final three games and that would be far more disappointing to me than anything we saw during yesterday’s game.


Dalbin OsorioThe thing I’m most disappointed about, honestly, is how Josh McCown’s season ends. I don’t think Denver is as bad as their record shows, and this is a young team with a serious lack of talent at premium positions, so them getting shutout doesn’t surprise me at all. Denver has a great defense that takes away what the Jets offense does well, and the Jets are not built to consistently counterpunch. It’s a reality most fans accepted weeks ago. No, seeing Josh McCown get hurt, come back in, only to get hurt again and then watching his press conference after really made me feel bad that he wouldn’t get to finish the season. I would have gone to Bryce Petty after the bye, but once the Jets didn’t I figured we’d get a few more weeks of McCown before he becomes a coach somewhere. Heck, I had even begun to think that he could replace Todd Bowles as a HC similar to how Jason Kidd was brought in the same offseason he retired. Watching him talk about fighting for guys made me glad he was on the team this year, and it was disappointing to see it end that way.

Joe MalfaI am most disappointed in the fact that we saw all of Todd Bowles’s major flaws manifest themselves again. He decided not to take a timeout before the Broncos’ field goal attempt before the half.If he would have used a timeout, he could have left the Jets with 1:15 and two timeouts by my math. While the offense was certainly not getting anything going, it still would have given them a chance. Then, after the halftime break, Bowles came out and used a timeout early in the third quarter. He just seemed inept again in regard to in-game coaching decisions, and the lack of energy displayed by the team on the road again makes you wonder what the issue is. Last year, lack of leadership from veterans became the scapegoat. A lot of those veterans are gone. What is the excuse now? It is time to stop giving Bowles a pass and take a look at him. I said during the bye week that I was on the fence about bringing him back, and performance after the bye would be the deciding factor. In three post-bye games, I am falling off the fence and leaning towards letting him go. We have seen another 4th quarter collapse against the Panthers and a shutout against one of the worst teams in football. Yes, a big win against the Chiefs came between the two, but that is not enough to save Bowles. If the Jets are blown out of the water again against New Orleans, lose at home to the Chargers, and don’t put up much of a fight against the Patriots, Bowles could be out of work.


Dan Essien:  I was most disappointed in the Jets not learning from their mistakes at this point. Coming out flat on the road again. Time management issues a la 2015 showing up again. Failure to adjust the game-plan on offense when the opposing defense stifled the initial script again. What you want from this young team, and from Todd Bowles, is to see improvement in their areas of weakness. So far we haven’t really seen much of that and it is a cause for concern. You only play half of your games at home, and if that’s the only place they can win, Todd Bowles may as well be Jeff Fisher.

I was also disappointed in (or perhaps sad about) Josh McCown’s injury. He had a bad game in Denver with the two turnovers in the first half and completion percentage well under 50%. But we knew there was a massive drop-off without him on the field that results in a putrid product on offense that only helps their draft position. All in all, I think McCown is a fairly positive influence on the team (even when his performance wavers). Let’s see if the locker room sticks together with more uncertainty added to the equation.

Jared Scherl: There was practically nothing positive to take away from yesterday’s 23-0 loss to the hands of the 3-9 Denver Broncos. Conversely, there’s about 500 things to be disappointed with, but what bothered me the most was Todd Bowles’ beyond ridiculous clock management at the end of the first half. At the time, the Jets trailed by 10 points and had all 3 timeouts when the Broncos lined up for a 53 yard field goal. With 1:15 left, Todd Bowles elected not to call a timeout, and when the Jets got the ball on their own 25 after the kickoff, Bowles’ had Josh Mccown take a knee and jog to the tunnel.

This was not Bowles being conservative. No, this is downright incompetence. Todd, you’re losing by 13 points. As a general rule, don’t ever kneel when you’re losing. With 1 second left in the half and you’re pinned inside your own 5? Sure, take a knee. Down 2 scores with all 3 timeouts and 35 seconds to work with? Insanity.
The second most disappointing part of this game was watching Bryce Petty miss wide open receivers with 5 yard throws. A high schooler should have been able to hit some of those passes, and Petty missed his guy by 8 feet. We’ll see more of Petty this week, but if this continues, it’s an awfully damning reflection on Mike Maccagnan’s ability to scout and draft a quarterback. Considering Petty is supposed to be considerably better than Chrisitian Hackenberg, I think the only question left is not whether Hackenberg can be a franchise quarterback, but whether he deserves to be in the league.
Greg Armstrong: How many times are we going to see a game like this? I mean this is the second time in a row (among countless other times) that they show up flat and unmotivated for a road a game. You’re facing a team that’s lost eight straight and is starting Trevor Siemian, who was benched for not only Brock Osweiler but Paxton Lynch as well. You force no turnovers and you get no pressure. He was standing back there looking like John Elway.
Josh McCown going down was pretty disappointing as well. His post game presser made me like him even more, regardless of how he plays. He played well enough to show what Robby Anderson’s potential is and kept the Jets in games they really had no business being in. Now we get Bryce Petty, who looks like he’s never played quarterback before.
The last thing was basically laying down for a quarter and a half. Running the ball more than passing, regardless of who’s in at quarterback, late in the third and in the fourth was infuriating. At least show some fight. It’s not like they were down 50-0. A touchdown gets you somewhat back in it, gives your team some confidence and then weird things can happen. I just don’t understand it.
Thankfully, only three more weeks of this and then we can immerse ourselves into draft and free agency season.

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