TOJ New York Jets Film Breakdown – Week 14 vs. Denver

Joe Caporoso breaks down the film on the New York Jets 23-0 loss to the Denver Broncos…

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The Good 

Young Safety Reel 

This game was a complete train wreck. It was easily the team’s worst of the season, leaving extremely slim pickings when searching for positives. However, there were flashes of brilliance from both Jets rookie safeties, Marcus Maye and Jamal Adams. This game was particularly encouraging for Maye who was coming off his worst performance of the season against Kansas City. He showed an ability to have a short term memory and bounce back to the standard high level of play he has shown his rookie season.

Below, Maye comes flying down into the box from in a one high safety look to fill the alley against the run. We haven’t seen a ton of Maye coming  down hill this aggressive in 2017  but he has the physical capability to do it. The timing, speed and form here is textbook, as he drops the Broncos running back for a short gain.

Later in the game, Jamal Adams lines up in the box side as a strong side linebacker. Look at how fast he recognizes the play and is able to shoot the gap. Adams has had occasional struggles this season but his natural ability is on full display here. You cannot teach this type of speed and decisiveness against the run.

Maye’s closing speed was not limited to run support against Denver. On this 3rd and 6, he flashes it against Demaryius Thomas on his 4 yard hitch route. Denver is banking on Thomas being able to beat the corner one on one here for the necessary yards but Maye is so fast coming downhill and with his route recognition, that even if Thomas beat the corner or broke his tackle, he would be there to clean it up.

Finally, both safeties work in tandem on this goal line stop. Adams is again playing as a de facto linebacker. He effectively takes on the block from the tight end and sets the edge against the run (Cal Pace would be proud!), clearing an alley for Maye to fill against the run who drops the back for a short loss. This is another perfect form tackle from Maye.

The Bad

Everything else. This game was predominantly spoiled milk and is best encapsulated by this Bryce Petty 4th down pass attempt to a wide open Jermaine Kearse. I haven’t seen a QB miss by this much since Tim Tebow was on the Jets. Petty has an uphill climb to prove he merits a roster spot in 2018 and if his second half against Denver is any indicator, the Jets may not just need a new long term starter but also a new long term backup.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

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