New York Jets Jets, Three Up/Three Down – Week 15 Edition

Mike Nash goes three up/three down on the New York Jets heading into week 15…

Remember when everything was great just one week ago when the New York Jets beat the Chiefs? 

After Sunday’s brutal effort against a lousy Broncos team, the Jets slim playoff hopes are officially shattered. 

With the horrendous display of football that was played on Sunday, there really is nobody that deserves to be on the “3 up” list this week, but as they say, the show must go on, so here we go:


LB Demario Davis – I have to be honest. I was not a fan of the move to bring back DD this past offseason, but he really has made me eat my words as he is having a Pro-Bowl caliber season for the Jets at inside linebacker. Against Denver, Davis finished the game with 13 total tackles and 0.5 sacks. The veteran has proven to be one of the most valuable players on the roster.

QB Bryce Petty – As I said, this was a bad week. Petty makes this list basically because he will once again get the chance to be the Jets starting quarterback. It will not be easy, as Petty has to face the Saints on the road, the Chargers, and the Patriots. This will be Petty’s last chance to prove to the Jets he deserves a roster spot in 2018.

P Lac Edwards – Did I mention that this was a bad week? When your punter is one of the 3 best players of the game, you know things are not going very well at that time. Seriously though, after a rough rookie season in 2016, Edwards has rebounded nicely, showing much more consistency in 2017.


DL Mo Wilkerson – Wilkerson actually had a decent game on Sunday, finishing the game with 6 tackles, but him being on this list has nothing to do with his play. On Friday, Mo Wilkerson was late for another meeting. It is not worth getting angry over it anymore. Wilkerson had the chance to be one of the best Jets to ever put on the uniform. A local guy, who is great in the community. Unfortunately, after his payday, Wilkerson was not the same player. There is nothing sadder than wasted talent. Good luck wherever you land in 2018 Mo, because it will not be with the Jets. A shame, really.

QB Josh McCown – Watching McCown fight back tears in his press conference after the game was tough to watch. In case you missed it, McCown will have surgery on his hand and will miss the rest of the season. It is a real shame for a good guy who was having the best year of his career. Thank you for a solid season, Mr. McCown. Get better soon.

OC John Morton– I like John Morton a lot. While he has had some tough moments, I think he is one of the better offensive coordinators the Jets have had in years. With that said, his comments after the game were disappointing to hear. To summarize it quickly, Morton basically said the Jets were running the ball later in the game just to make the game go faster so they can get out of there. While throwing the ball probably would not have made a difference, there is no reason to say that to the media.

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