TOJ Roundtable – New York Jets Week 12 Review Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discusses the New York Jets week 12 loss to the Carolina Panthers…

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What are you most disappointed with from the New York Jets 35-27 loss to Carolina? 

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David Aitken: While the narrative is that this has been an overachieving season and that the coaching staff deserves plenty of credit for making it happen, there’s a pattern emerging of the Jets being unable to see off superior opponents after a competitive three quarters due to timid play calling and costly turnovers. While the coaching staff has been passable this season, being able to seal wins in these situations is what really defines overachieving and great coaching jobs. This is gearing up to be a safe season for all key figures of management, but these types of games should play a huge factor in determining the future of Todd Bowles, and whether it’s ok to settle for just “ok.” Three years in and there’s no real signature win to hang a hat on, the closest thing being a New England win late in 2015 where the Jets actually blew a second half two touchdown lead before getting it done in overtime. With mostly tough games left on the schedule, there is still time left for Bowles to break the pattern.

Greg Armstrong: The penalties are something that I can’t even be disappointed about anymore because it seems like every week it’s the same story. It’s like telling your friend not to keep getting back with his ex but yet time after time he gets back with her. At some point you’re just numb to even caring about it.

Todd Bowles not going for it on 4th and 1 at the one yard line really struck a nerve. You’re 4-6. Your defense has played great all day and if you don’t get it? They’re starting their drive from the 1 yard line. Stop coaching scared. Stop coaching not to lose. This team will not make the playoffs under Bowles, regardless of roster talent, if he continues to coach scared.

Jared Scherl: Penalties, penalties, penalties. It’s been the same story all year with the Jets. They’ve committed the second-most penalties in football this season and their average of 73.4 penalty yards per game is also second worst in the league. On Sunday, not only were the number of penalties committed (7) unacceptable, the type of penalties were absolute killers. The two standouts were Jordan Jenkins jumping offsides on 4th and 2, to hand the Panthers a first down, and Mike Pennell’s completely unnecessary shove of Cam Newton, which instead of giving the Jets offense the ball with a chance for a game-winning drive, allowed Cam Newton and the Panthers to bleed out the clock and effectively end the game. Simply put, it’s hard to win games in this league when you’re the less talented team. It’s almost impossible if you’re going to handicap yourself with stupid penalty after penalty.

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