TOJ Roundtable – New York Jets Week 11 Review Edition

The TOJ Roundtable gives their predictions for the New York Jets final six games

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What are your predictions for the New York Jets final six games? 

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Scott MasonI expect the Jets to play similarly to the way they did the first half of the season, but I believe they will win fewer games because they will be playing better teams. I don’t see any games left on the schedule where I would consider them a betting favorite, even against a shaky Denver team on the road (Denver has an excellent defense and the Jets have been a terrible road team). I think they may win two games to get to 6-10 but I wouldn’t be shocked if they end up 4-12. I hope for the continued development of young talent like Adams, May, Anderson, etc…. to help set the table for 2018, but beyond that, I don’t have much in the way of expectations.

David Aitken: I think the Jets have another win in them. I don’t expect another road win all season. Part of that is what is left on the schedule but even in the case of Denver, the Jets’ performances on the road have been mostly poor regardless of opposition. That leaves Carolina this week, Kansas City, and Christmas Eve against the Chargers. I think all of these teams are more talented than the Jets, and the Chargers (the assumed likely win) will pose a greater threat than people realize. But the Jets have been competitive at home all season and I’d be surprised if they don’t find a way to win at least one of those games.

Naturally then I’m predicting the Jets to slide out of playoff contention within the coming weeks. The question will then be whether we see Petty and/or Hackenberg get a chance to start. I don’t think we will, outside of a McCown injury. I think internally Bowles thinks he knows what he has in these players already, and the mindset is firmly on a quarterback in free agency or the draft in 2018.

Greg Armstrong: I think the ceiling for the rest of the year record wise is 4-2 and the basement is 1-5. Carolina is sneaky winnable, the Chiefs don’t look great anymore, the Broncos are bad, the Saints are very good, the Chargers might break the sack record in a single game against the Jets and the Patriots might rest everyone.

As for roster predictions:

-Robby Anderson continues to steadily improve every game.

-Marcus Maye continues to play better than Jamal Adams, but Adams improves from his lull in the middle of the year.

-Josh McCown will play the rest of the season and throw more interceptions than touchdowns.

-Leonard Williams will have 3.o sacks.

-Darron Lee will continue to look like a starting LB

-Morris Claiborne will not play in two or more games

Jared Scherl: With their upcoming schedule, I can’t see the Jets winning more than 2 of their remaining 6 games. Despite this, I predict Josh Mccown will start all 16 games (barring injury) regardless of his mediocre to poor performance. This team isn’t running the table, so what’s best for the franchise would be to start Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg and evaluate their status on this team long term. I can’t envision that happening, as it serves no purpose to Todd Bowles and Mike Maccagnan to put them on the field and watch their only draft picks at the most crucial position prove they aren’t any good. Apart from the QB position, these games will have less and less meaning as the losses (probably) start pilling up.

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