TOJ New York Jets Film Breakdown – Week 12 vs. Carolina

Joe Caporoso breaks down the film on the New York Jets week 12 loss to the Carolina Panthers

We are back with another TOJ New York Jets film breakdown. Check out previous editions right here. On to the #tape…

The Good 

A Rising Star 

Robby Anderson is lighting it up this season. For further context:

Yes, Anderson’s bread and butter remains the nine route but many still express concern about his toughness, hands and ability to diversify his route tree. We have touched on this previously in our film breakdowns but these criticisms are antiquated leftovers from his 2016 season. Anderson has only one official drop this season and is demonstrating toughness and improved hands on a variety of routes in 2017.

On this seam route from the slot, Anderson rips through for a perfect inside release at the second level, takes a huge shot from the corner ranging over and holds on to the football. This is a full extension, hands catch on a less than perfect throw.

On his first half touchdown, Josh McCown throws to Anderson despite him being in double coverage. Anderson elevates over the safety, plucks the ball off his helmet with his hands and maintains control away from his body despite the cornerback driving him to the ground. What else could show more hand strength than this play?

Finally, Anderson is able to move the chains on this back shoulder throw from McCown. He is blanketed here but effectively plays basketball with the corner, boxing him out with his body, making the catch and maintaining possession in bounds despite being dragged down. He simply does not have the timing or body control to make this play in 2016.

The Bad

More Bark Than Bite 

Jamal Adams is having a good rookie year and is known for playing with high energy every week. He is the player who is jawing after single play, which is fine as long as it is not getting the team penalized and he is making plays. The past few games, he has been quiet and his biggest highlight against Carolina was shoving Cam Newton after he scored a touchdown. You can’t complain about opposing team’s celebrating when your defense is a nationally known dancing meme. More importantly, the Jets need Adams to make these types of plays shown below:

Christian McCaffrey springs this 40 yard run because Adams is responsible for the A-Gap but is easily walled off at the second level by a Carolina offensive lineman. He gets completely turned around, caught off guard and is unable to put up any type of fight to prevent such a big play. He is the last line of defense here and has to be more aware and active at filling the hole.

Earlier in the game, Adams is playing down hill against the run, usually his strength but he goes low way too early on McCaffrey and demonstrates extremely poor tackling form. When he dives at his ankles, McCaffrey easily hops over him for a 9 yard gain. Adams has struggled in coverage this season but has generally been steady against the run, if that part of his game starts to slip, the Jets are going to have problems on their back end no matter how well Marcus Maye plays.

Finally, Adams gets lucky here thanks to errant Cam Newton throw. He is too slow to get over the top to help Morris Claiborne on this corner route, leaving a window for a touchdown that Newton fortunately misses. Adams was clapping aggressively after this play, bringing back terrible memories of Kyle Wilson’s finger wag. Don’t celebrate when you get beat on a play but the quarterback misses the throw.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

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