TOJ Tweet Summary Week 7 – Jets vs. Dolphins

Daniel Essien with a #JetsTwitter Summary on the New York Jets week 7 loss to Miami…

TOJ Tweet Summary continues with the New York Jets week 7 matchup against the Miami Dolphins. Jets were looking to bounce back from a close loss to the New England Patriots. Trips to Miami are never easy, though. Let’s see how things went on #JetsTwitter.

1st Half

Jets started off great with a nearly perfect opening drive that was capped off by a 29-yard touchdown from Josh McCown to Jermaine Kearse.

It didn’t last long, though, as the Dolphins answered with a few plays of their own on their first drive and scored to tie it 7-7.

Turns out that was as good as it got for Skrine…

After trading punts, the Jets went back on top with another long drive a TD pass from McCown to his friend Robby Anderson. Also, the celebration was elite…

Once agin Dolphins and Jets traded punts but then the Dolphins put together another long game-tying drive (aided by Jets penalties), ending with a 4-yard TD pass from Jay Culter to Anthony Fasano.

Didn’t stay that way for long, Gary!

Jets couldn’t get points on their next drive and their defense took the field needing another stop. They got something better…

Didn’t take long for them to turn it into points

Jets took a 21-14 into the half.

2nd Half

Both teams couldn’t get going on offense with their first drives on the second half. But something happened on the Dolphins first drive that had implications later on.

On the Dolphins second drive, Matt Moore got caught in the trap.

Always honorable to admit when you’re wrong.

Jets capitalized again on the turnover and scored on a 10-yard TD pass from McCown to Austin Seferian-Jenkins to take a comfortable 28-14 lead.

But then, like most Jets fans expected, Matt Moore eventually got things going for the Dolphins offense but more importantly this also began what can only be described as “The Skrine Incident”…and by incident I mean a series of unfortunate events…wait that’s probably a better name…

Jets do nothing on offense and then the nightmare continues…

After that debacle and a few punts, the Jets got the ball with a minute to go and all 3 timeouts in a tie game. They had a bit of a chance to try to get in field goal range. Or they could just run out the clock for overtime. But really all they had to was just not turn the football–

After an easy Cody Parkey field goal and a pointless two play possession by the Jets the Dolphins won 31-28 in a game the Jets once led by two touchdowns.

Post Game

After the game, Jets fans were on edge. After an encouraging performance, losing this way, this late, to this team, yielding expected volatile results on social media.

This is either a bot or a member of the McCown family…

Inevitably the in-fighting ensued…

You wash your mouth out with soap, sir!

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