TOJ Roundtable – New York Jets Week 8 Review Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discusses the New York Jets week 8 loss to the Atlanta Falcons…

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What are you most disappointed with after the New York Jets 25-20 loss to the Atlanta Falcons? 

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Scott MasonTo be honest, I’m not really all that disappointed in much anymore, because I’ve come to expect all of it. As Kyle Fahey and I discussed on the post game reaction podcast, it seems like we are asking the same questions every week. Why did McCown do that? Why can’t the running game get going? Why doesn’t ASJ get used down field? Is Robby Anderson going to kill somebody out of frustration since he can’t get the ball half the time when he’s wide open? Why can’t the defense make big plays in the 4th quarter? Rinse. Repeat.

I guess if there is anything I’m disappointed in, it is Todd Bowles’ post game comments about the QB position. If the Jets lose Thursday, they will be 3-6 and for all intents and purposes, eliminated from any reasonable chance to make the playoffs. At that point, we need to start seeing Petty and/or Hackenberg. Bowles said he saw them and that’s why McCown is the QB. If that is his opinion – that Petty and Hackenberg aren’t even good enough to deserve a chance – then they shouldn’t be on the roster. I’m under no illusion that either of the two young QBs is the long term answer, but maybe Bryce Petty is good enough to become a Case Keenum type who can be a reliable backup and start a few games when your QB1 is hurt. Maybe he stinks. Maybe Hackenberg is a sunk cost. Maybe not. But it sounds like Bowles already made up his mind about both of them. And if that’s the case, I have no idea what either one of them is doing here.

David Aitken: Disappointments are always relative to expectations, and to be honest the Jets didn’t have many failures yesterday that come as surprising. Scoring about 20 points has been par for the course this year, as has been struggling to run the ball and failing to get to the quarterback. The Jets getting thrown all over was a throwback to last season, but the Jets played a portion of the game with Claiborne out injured and Buster Skrine missing the game to injury. I’ll say that Jamal Adams is going through a bad kind of streak, giving up yet another touchdown yesterday. And it was a great opportunity for Juston Burris to become relevant going forward the rest of this season and he failed to claim it.

Greg Armstrong: When you get gifted two great starting field positions from two fumbled snaps and you only come away with three points, you don’t deserve to win a game. Good teams at least get one touchdown out of those two turnovers even in a monsoon. I mean the least John Morton could have done was take some shots to the end zone to see what happens but alas, the Jets only came away with three points.

Another thing as well. The secondary had an opportunity to step up when Morris Claiborne went out and did the exact opposite of that. Jamal Adams continues his stretch of sub par games while Juston Burris is still as useless as when he got benched. Robert Nelson was beaten like a drum and yet nothing was drawn up to help him out. Hopefully Claiborne isn’t out for an extended period of time because this secondary needs him more than anyone.

Kyle Fahey: I was expecting a loss to a better team, as you all should have been. I was most disappointed by the Jets inability to capitalize off turnovers, this has been a theme for a while now but this truly effected the game. You rarely get those opportunities in the NFL, when they do occur CAPITALIZE!

Jake Benaquisto: I was disappointed to see another great start from the offense that couldn’t be sustained for the remainder of the game. Like we’ve seen in previous games, John Morton had a great game plan and the Jets started off with an impressive touchdown drive. However, the team’s inability to make adjustments is eventually exposed, and the offense becomes very predictable. It seemed like the offense ran the ball on every single first down against the Falcons, which is not the best way to catch a defense off guard. The Jets ceiling on offense is limited because of their personnel, but I’d like to see Morton get more creative with his play calling in the future.

Jared ScherlThe thing I was most disappointed in from the Jets’ 25-20 loss to the Falcons was not Jeremy Kerley muffing a critical punt late in the 4th quarter, or the questionable lack of second half adjustments from Todd Bowles or John Morton. Rather, my biggest disappointment is in GM Mike Maccagnan. Week after week, it becomes more and more obvious the lack of talent this team has now, and especially for the long term. Aside from Robby Anderson and Bilal Powell, what offensive skill player can we definitively say will be a capable NFL starter? Defensively, Leo Williams has not been the game-changer he was supposed to be, Darron Lee still struggles to cover a tight end, and our starting cornerbacks are guys picked up off the street this week. His most recent draft class has provided absolutely nothing after round 2, and his hand picked 2nd round quarterback is so terrible the Jets can’t even dress him. The 3 game winning streak against bad teams was a nice little story line but it’s time to snap back to reality; this team is no good, and our GM has given little reason to believe it will get any better soon.

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