TOJ Roundtable – New York Jets Week 7 Review Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discusses the New York Jets 31-28 loss to the Miami Dolphins…

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What are you most disappointed with after the New York Jets 31-28 loss to the Miami Dolphins? 

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Scott Mason: I could say I’m disappointed in Josh McCown, but I’m not. He is what he is. His performance late in the game Sunday was exactly why he’s been on eight teams. I could say I’m disappointed in Buster Skrine, but I’m not. He may have played well for a bit, but he’s the same extremely overpaid, marginally talented slot corner he as always been.

No, my disappointment is with the coaching staff, plain and simple. As Joe Caporoso pointed out in his vent earlier today, the key players who crumbled down the stretch – most notably the aforementioned McCown and Skrine -won’t be here next year.

But Todd Bowles and his staff might be, and if they are, I do not want to see anything like this in 2018.

The Jets were winning 28-14 in the 4th quarter and completely turtled up. Bowles and his staff managed the game like they had a five touchdown lead, taking their foot completely off the gas pedal.

They did a terrible job of running down the clock on the offensive side of the ball and were completely ineffective to boot while on the defensive side of the ball, they went with soft coverage and let a backup quarterback have his way with them.

Many of us were starting to warm up to Bowles over the last few weeks, but if this type of piss poor management continues, the Jets will very seriously have to consider cutting bait and finding somebody else to captain this ship.

I’m a fair man: I’ll give Bowles until the end of the year to convince me that he is the right man for this job long term.

But if what we saw yesterday is any indication of what to expect going forward, then I do not see this ending well for him.

David Aitken: It’s disappointing the Jets blew a 14 point lead in the fourth quarter, outscored 17-0 in the final period. If there was ever supposed to be an outside shot at a .500 or better record, days like yesterday make it awfully hard to still hold that belief.

This has been a weird season though, where the idea of judging the team solely on the performances of young players has been overtaken by the importance of results due to the winning record after five games. But if we go by success/failure being decided on young player performance, this was arguably a better day out than a couple wins. Yesterday was the best performance of Darron Lee’s career, a great game for the rookie safety duo, Robby Anderson and Austin Seferian-Jenkins got on the scoreboard, and Muhammad Wilkerson showed signs of life. I suppose on the big picture, the fact that we’re halfway through the season and we’re still not exactly sure what this season is may be the most disappointing thing of all.

Greg Armstrong: The Jets cannot (and might not have the personnel to) stomp on a teams throat. We saw it last week against New England and we saw it again this week against Miami. A two touchdown lead in the fourth quarter and the Jets mustered up -4 yards of offense while also having five accepted penalties against them. I’m disappointed that they had a very easy opportunity to close the door on a team that was not into the game in the fourth quarter and fell flat on their faces.

I’m also disappointed in the lack of a pass rush in the fourth quarter. Leonard Williams and Muhammad Wilkerson seemed like they were both turning a corner the first three quarters and when the game was on the line they once again were on the milk carton. Football games are four quarters long and that point doesn’t seem to hit home for a majority of these players and the Jets coaching staff.

Kyle Fahey: Believe it or not…. this is an ideal “tank” game.

Have young players like Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye show their talent and produce, check! QB play is just enough not to embarrass us but also just enough to have us lose, check! Todd Bowles doesn’t completely go zombie, check!

Clearly, the loss hurts more than usual but the play of Buster Skrine was the biggest takeaway (or lack thereof)…in this game.

No PFF stat can save him now, he was the biggest reason we lost this game. Being responsible for three touchdowns is inexcusable. BYE BYE BUSTER!

Joe Malfa: The others covered some of the bases I was going to cover, so my biggest disappointment of the week is the fact that Todd Bowles finally figured out how to save his timeouts, but McCown’s inexplicable interception ruined it.

Bowles always seems to misuse his timeouts. he has been better this year, but he still hasn’t seemed to figure out how to save those. This week, he managed to keep all three. With 47 seconds and a full wealth of timeouts, the Jets had a chance to drive down the field and set up Chandler Catanazaro for the winning field goal.
Then McCown made a throw that makes you wonder if he had money on Miami.
Disappointing way to lose and disappointing way to spoil the first time Bowles seemed to be in control of his timeouts.

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