TOJ Roundtable – New York Jets Week 5 Review Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discusses the New York Jets week 5 win over the Cleveland Browns

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What were you happiest about in the New York Jets week 5 win? 

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Dalbin OsorioFor me, I think the biggest thing I was happy about was John Morton’s play design. One of the things the better playcallers in the league are able to do is scheme around a lack of talent: you see it with Jay Gruden without Desean Jackson and Pierre Garçon, or with Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco. This is not saying that Morton is in that class, but it has been impressive to see him scheme ways to get the ball into the hands of Austin Sefarian-Jenkins and Jermaine Kearse on a consistent basis. He’s also been able to have a great feel for a game, and he seems to get when to take shots down the field and when to take what the defense gives you. A lot of people will scoff at the Jets only beating Miami, Jacksonville, and Cleveland. However, they beat a Miami team that many people picked to be in the playoffs and a Jaguars team that just housed a Super Bowl contender in Pittsburgh. The wins against Miami and Jacksonville are solid wins for a young team that does not have a lot of talent, and John Morton has been a big reason for that.

Scott MasonAs talked about on the post game podcast with Kyle Fahey, I’d have to say I was happiest about Austin Sefarian-Jenkins. He was a major factor against the Browns, shoeing everybody not only why he was so highly thought of coming out of Washington, but what a real difference maker at tight end looks like. He had some dazzling catches including a TD, but also displayed several good blocks. It has only been a few games, but Sefarisn-Jenkins looks like he could be the best tight end this team has had since Johnny Mitchell in the early 1990s, or even since the great Mickey Shuler.

Also, I was happy about the fact that the Jets found a way to win a game they should have lost. Cleveland severely outplayed the Jets in the 1st half but the Jets forced mistakes from Deshone Kizer and hung around long enough to take advantage of opportunities in the 2nd half. This is not the type of win we expected the Jets to be getting very frequently this season, so it was nice to see them snatch a game they easily could have lost.

Joe MalfaAll of the attention at safety has gone to Jamal Adams thus far, so I was happy to see Marcus Maye shine and come down with his first career interception. He has been stellar in coverage so far this season and finally got a pick to show for his hard work. He has been targeted once every 48 coverage snaps this season, which ranks 5th among 83 qualified safeties. Against Cleveland, the only time he was targeted in 38 coverage snaps was the interception. He has proven that he is more than just a thumper on the back end — he can cover people too.

David Aitken: Bowles took some heat for cutting Ross Martin and going with Chandler Catanzaro after the preseason, but Catanzaro’s been a nice surprise thus far. His 57-year field goal is a Jets record and ended up being the deciding factor. The field goal was set up by some of the best situational management the Jets have seen under Bowles. The Jets turned a drive with 00:31 left on the clock inside the 30 into a lead heading into half time.

Marcus Maye and Austin Seferian-Jenkins are other notable standouts. Maye’s interception was a few games coming and was a great play of recognition and aggressiveness. This wasn’t a prolific game by any stretch for Seferian-Jenkins (just 29 yards on six catches) but I like that he led the team in targets and that carried to the end zone where he caught his first TD pass of the year. It can be frustrating watching Kerley and Kearse eat up targets at the expense of some younger players but Seferian-Jenkins is a player with a real shot to stick past 2017.

Mike Nash: Personally, I was happiest with the play of Marcus Maye. The second round bust is over. Mr. Maye can play. As a Florida Gators fan, it’s exciting to see Maye live up to his full potential. If he didn’t break his arm last season, he would have likely been a first round pick. His INT of Kizer was incredibly impressive. He read Kizer’s eyes the entire play and cut in front of the WR to make the momentum shifting play.
I am very impressed with the play of Adams and Maye. The two young safeties have been better than advertised.

Greg Armstrong: For me it was the play of Morris Claiborne. The Browns clearly had a plan to attack him early and often and Claiborne didn’t waver. He didn’t give up any big plays and hardly any catches if I can recall. He also did a great job of tackling. In the second half, the Browns went away from him for the most part but when they did throw at him he recorded an interception which set up a Jets touchdown pass to Austin Seferian-Jenkins. His biggest knock was staying on the field and if he can do that, he will remain the Jets best cornerback.

On the offensive side it was getting the ball to Austin Seferian-Jenkins. The Jets knew they could exploit the Browns defense with him and executed tremendously. He had 6 catches on 8 targets for 29 yards and a touchdown on a nice fade pass from Josh McCown. The Jets should look to keep getting him the ball more and get him the ball more downfield. It’s very refreshing to see this team get a tight end involved in the offense.


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Author: Dalbin Osorio

Dalbin Osorio is a Case Planner for Graham-Windham, New York's oldest child welfare agency. He is, also, a student at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Dalbin graduated from Monroe College with a degree in Business Administration. A 3 sport utility man in high school (think a mix of Jerome WIlliams, Brad Smith, and Jayson Nix), he joined TOJ in 2013.