New York Jets: Three Up, Three – Week 8 Edition

Mike Nash goes three up and three down on the New York Jets heading into week 8…

What a disaster that 4th quarter was. While the New York Jets played pretty well for the first three quarters on Sunday, it will not be remembered due to the meltdown. Let’s take a look at this weeks version of three up, three down…


S Marcus Maye – The second round curse is over. Finished. No more. On Sunday, Maye was once again impressive, recording his second career interception. Maye was also active in the running game, making it tough for Dolphins star back Jay Ajayi to get going. The case can be made that Maye has been the best player on the team after the first seven games of the season.

RB Matt Forte – Credit where credit is due. Personally, I have been hard on Forte, believing that he should not be receiving as money touches as he has. Forte proved me wrong on Sunday, making the most of his opportunities and converting numerous 3rd downs thru the air. It will be interesting to see how Forte responds next week against the Falcons.

LB Darron Lee – While Lee still struggled in the passing game, I thought Lee showed promise when it came to stopping the run and blitzing the QB. Lee has made more of an impact the last few weeks. One thing Lee needs to work on his limiting his penalties. Lee had a sack of Jay Cutler, but was called for roughing the passer. Hopefully, this comes with experience.


CB Buster Skrine – There may not have been a player in the NFL that had a worse game than Buster Skrine on Sunday. It felt like every play, Skrine was either beat for a completion or called for some sort of penalty. Personally, I am surprised Bowles did not pull him from the game.

OL Brent Qvale – Filling in for an injured Brandon Shell, Qvale struggled in pass protection. Depth on the offensive line has always been an issue for the Jets, and when Shell went down, it was tested once again. While he was far from terrible, the Jets could be in trouble if Shell is out for an extended period of time.

Every outside linebacker – The Jets simply cannot rush the passer. While Wilkerson and Leo have had issues getting to the QB, it does not help that they get no help from the edge rushers. The Jets are not good enough to allow QB’s to stand back there in the pocket for 5-7 seconds and wait for someone to get open.

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