Turn On The Jets Week 4 NFL Buffet – Stick To Sports Is Dead

Joe Caporoso with a preview for week 4 of the 2017 NFL Season

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The Backdrop 

Last weekend was another chapter in our recent history’s “death of nuance” novel. The takes flew fast and furious. The sides were picked. The lines were drawn. You are either a Trump loving true patriot who spits at spoiled millionaire football players and is ready to stop watching football or you are a pro-kneeler who doesn’t respect the military, the country and is completely out of touch with REAL AMERICA.

There is no longer room for people with complex thoughts or conflicted feelings. Watching the story around Alejandro Villanueva (particularly on Twitter) this past weekend was a perfect microcosm of that. When it first became public that Pittsburgh would not take the field during the anthem, many were quick to point out that Villanueva must have consented to the idea, considering his military background. Villanueva then came out of the tunnel by himself during the anthem, immediately becoming an example and talking point about why anthem protests were wrong. By the next day, Villanueva publicly regretted his independent decision. Some ludicrously thought the team forced this sentiment. If you followed a Twitter account or media outlet of a certain political persuasion over the weekend, you may have seen something like:

  • How could Villanueva consent to this? Loser!
  • Look at Villanueva coming out of the tunnel. Hero!
  • I can’t believe he apologized. Loser!
  • The team must have forced it out of him. Hero!

The reality is that Villanueva is a hero no matter what the hell he does or does not do during the national anthem or what he says or does not say during any press conference. The reality is also, like many, he might have evolving, conflicting feelings about this entire protest as it plays out. He shouldn’t be co-opted into being a right wing or left wing media poster boy, regardless of his actions.

Whether you are an athlete or work somewhere else in the field of sports, the days of remaining out of the discourse on cultural and political issues are over. Just like an accountant, gas station worker or lawyer will express their opinions publicly (on talk radio, on Facebook/Twitter, in their day to day conversations), people in sports will do the same. We are engaged in a mind numbing amount of “culture wars” right now and sports is part of our culture.

This can understandably be exhausting to some but we have a sport talk radio President who called out an entire league and profession. Don’t be surprised when people stand up for themselves. Don’t be surprised when people exercise their freedom of speech. Don’t surprised when protests aren’t popular (if they were, they wouldn’t need to occur in the first place). You can take your ball and go home because you disagree with some people’s actions but you aren’t solving anything. You can also recognize somebody can be uncomfortable with a protest during the anthem, would never do it themselves but still respect and understand why somebody else feels the need to do it. You can protest and love our military. You can not protest and still understand we need to do better on certain issues in our country.

America is messy. The people that comprise it do not all fit into the stereotype or narrative we want them to. It is good to be messy and healthy to disagree on a multitude of things. Will we find more empathy and mutual respect any time soon? That is a better question.

A Three Team Tease Is Always A Bad Idea But…

  • Dallas (PK), Atlanta (-1.5), Seattle (-7)

The Rams have played very good football against two very bad teams. Dallas is not a very bad team. Matt Ryan has a great history against Sean McDermott’s defense and Buffalo will struggle in the dome, with many riding high on them right now. Seattle is do for a “get well” game at home and Indy is the perfect opponent for it.

Record: 1-2

Primetime Parlay 

  • Kansas City (-6.5), Seattle (-13)

Ride the favorites at home.

Record: 0-3 (yikes!)

Straight Up 

  • Jets vs. Jaguars (Under 38)

Two defense first teams with questionable quarterback situations. This feels like a 13-10 game.

Record: 2-1

FanDuel Fun 

  • QB – Matt Ryan
  • RB – Chris Carson
  • RB – James White
  • WR – Julio Jones
  • WR – AJ Green
  • WR – Odell Beckham Jr
  • TE – Charles Clay
  • K – Matt Bryant
  • D – New York Jets

Overrated Snack Of The Week 

Pork Rinds 

Not better than chips with dip. Not better than Kettle Cooked chips. Not better than pretzels. Not better than wings. Why exactly is this making it on to your table? You don’t need this. You don’t even want to this. Do better, Rinds.

Random Internet Complaint 

Russian Bots who listen to an episode of Rush Limbaugh and craft the perfect starter pack Tweet around riling him up. NO GLUTEN, YOU COMMIES!

Survivor Pick Power Rankings 

  1. Seattle
  2. New England
  3. Atlanta

Survivor Status: Still Alive! 

Random NFL GIF 

Deshaun The Gawd

Assorted Predictions

  • Buffalo and Miami are going to lose
  • The Monday Night game is going to be one the best so far this season
  • Odell will score another TD and not pee after
  • Jared Goff will have a rough outing after his coming out party on TNF
  • DeShone Kizer will throw two more interceptions

NFL Coach Reminders  

  • Don’t not fix your offensive line in the offseason (HI GIANTS AND CARDS!)
  • Don’t play conservative vs. New England (C’mon Bill O’Brien!)
  • Throw vertical at least once quarter

Photo Credit: NFL.com 

Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports