TOJ Tweet Summary: Week 1 – Jets vs. Bills

Daniel Essien recaps the best in game tweets from #JetsTwitter during Jets vs Bills in week 1…

New York Jets football is back and this season we want to step through the moments of each game through the lens of #JetsTwitter. We all know there’s never a dull moment with you guys and I look forward to collecting these hot takes into a smoldering cauldron. I’ll try to keep it clean but sometimes its important for fans to see their true nature. This week the Jets visited Buffalo and lost 21-12. There were some positive points but of course it ended with a good amount of Jets fans mad online. Here’s how things went. Make sure to check back within a few days for early week 2 NFL lines, as we prepare for next week! 

1st Half

Burris INT to end long Bills opening drive then zzzzzzzzzz…

Bills touchdown (7-0)

Where’s Powell?!

McCown + Kearse drive to field goal (7-3)

Welcome Will Tye + One more Catanzaro FG (7-6)


2nd Half

Jets offense struggles and veterans disappoint

Big catch by Jordan Matthews leads to Bills TD (14-3)

Suddenly functional Jets offense drives for TD. Jets miss 2pt conversion. (14-12)

Buffalo answers with a TD drive (21-12)

Jamal Adams starting to impress early

Anderson turns the tide with an AMAZING catch!!…or INT actually…of course…

Jets punt down 21-12 with 4 mins left in the 4th quarter… *EXPLOSION*

Jets lose 21-12 and writers, analysts and fans react post-game

Not all negative though…