Jets Offense Plans to Be Aggressive Against Raiders

The New York Jets spent the offseason getting rid of some of their best players, so it wasn’t surprising that their offense was one of the worst in the NFL last week. With their next game coming against the Oakland Raiders, who are hoping to make it to the Super Bowl this season, it might be a good idea to avoid the Jets when you’re making your betting picks for NFL Week 2.

Against the Buffalo Bills, New York’s offense was not only ineffective, it was also quite boring to watch. Quarterback Josh McCown finished the game completing 26 of 39 passes for 187 yards and 2 interceptions.

The passing yards the Jets had were a result of multiple dump offs to running backs and quick hits to receivers. The Jets were afraid to go downfield because they didn’t want McCown to turn the ball over, which he still did while throwing short passes.

After the disappointing performance, head coach Todd Bowles said the team will try to be more aggressive against the Raiders.

Despite what the coach said, the Jets won’t have much of a choice but to be aggressive because the Raiders have a very good offense that can score quickly, and a defense that is equally as good. If the Jets go into the game thinking they will succeed with dump offs and short passes, they will be in for a very long day.

Since the Raiders are expected to score a lot of points, New York will have to be aggressive offensively to keep up with Oakland.

Even though they have a daunting task ahead of them this week, the Jets were upbeat about their chances against Oakland. Josh McCown said he expects their defense to do all they can to shut down Oakland’s offense, and the offense will be able to put up points if they stay aggressive throughout the game.

Las Vegas obviously doesn’t share the Jets optimism because they are 13 point underdogs in the game.

McCown said one of the reasons the Jets offense didn’t look very good last week is that the players haven’t developed a sense of trust since they haven’t been playing together for a long time. He expects the offense to get better as the players start to trust each other more.

While McCown made a valid point about trust, the talent level on the team, especially on offense isn’t very good, which means even if they all trust each other, they likely won’t win more than four games this season.

Receiver Jermaine Kearse was signed less than two weeks ago, and Jeremy Kerley was signed a few days before the season opener. McCown believe the two of them will play big roles on the team once they have developed a trust and gotten familiar with playing with each other.

Despite the gloomy outlook on their season, McCown remains optimistic and thinks the team is better than what critics have been saying since the end of last season.

Bowles also thinks the team is better than they are getting credit for and plans to prove that this weekend against the Raiders.

Even if the Jets can’t get a win in Oakland, one thing we know for sure is the offense will play better than they did last week.