Things To Consider For The Jets As They Head To The Lion’s Den

It is still the preseason and the New York Jets are on their way to meet the Detroit Lions for a showdown. Although the season has not yet started, it is still a great way to gauge themselves against huge teams. It has not been easy for the Jets when it comes to the preseason games. Despite them winning against the Titans in their first preseason game, the Lions are no pushovers. Coming off from a win is a good sign for the Jets. There are a few things which you should know about the Jets before they lock horns with the lions.

They do not have a starting quarterback

The Jets coach, Todd Bowles is still not decided who will be starting as the quarterback. This may not be a bad thing after all since it shows that he has many options. However, it is not a big deal during the preseason as it does not count that much. It may be a strategy for the coach to keep this a secret and have everyone guessing before the regular season starts. With Josh McCown putting a lot of work in training plus him being the most experienced in the team, he will definitely be in the starting lineup as a quarterback. All in all, the team coach may have a surprise of his own in Detroit.

Both teams have players who played for either side

The Jets have four former Lions players, while the Lions have two former Jets players. It will seem like a friendly match for the two sides when they go head to head. With such a familiar squad for both sides, it will be an interesting match-up. Fans can participate in the fun and thrill by getting the latest American football tips for free. You can get those genuine tips for the regular season, pro bowl and superbowl of the National Football League (NFL). It helps you to become part of the action while you show support for your favorite team.

The odds do not favor them

This may seem like a déjà vu when they lose to the Lions. During the year 2013 and 2015, they lost to the Detroit Lions and going by the odd number of 2017, they will definitely lose again. If this trend remains intact, then you will have a situation whereby history repeats itself for the Jets as this may not be their year in terms of the preseason. It all comes down to the size of the bookies offers you will receive on the next match up. Go for the most attractive ones to bet on and increase your odds of winning on the same.

No major starting lineup changes

Coach Bowles plans to make minimal or no changes to the starting lineup, coming off a win over the Titans. The same lineup he used against the Titans will play in their match with the Lions. However, he will use McCown’s experience to inspire the young and inexperienced line up such as Christian Hackenberg who has had a scoreless preseason this summer.