TOJ Roundtable – New York Jets Record Edition

The TOJ Roundtable gives their New York Jets 2017 record prediction

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What is your New York Jets 2017 record prediction as of today? 

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Joe CaporosoThe Jets managed five wins last season with arguably a slightly worse roster. This is a low talent team filled with question marks but record does not always match talent. It would not surprise me to see them find their way to the same win total this season, thanks to a few strong performances from their defensive line and a big game or two from skill position players like Quincy Enunwa, Bilal Powell or Robby Anderson. If you think the Jets are going to cleanly go 0-16 and wildly fulfill your tank dreams, well you haven’t been paying attention to how perfectly laid plans for this team usually work out…

Daniel EssienThe Jets have made it clear that they’re not focused on win totals this season by the moves they’ve made this offseason. As depressing as the Jets roster is, there’s enough youth, new energy, and competitiveness to ensure they won’t go 0-16.

I believe this young Jets team will go 4-12, finding wins against the Jaguars, and Browns, stealing one from Miami, and a nice Christmas Eve, final home game win against the Chargers. I think despite the lack of wins, the team will show growth throughout the season. While some fans continue to covet missed draft picks (Chris Godwin 😢), the picks they actually made will end up performing fairly well. I think John Morton and Kevin Greene will make really positive impacts on both the receiver and edge linebacker groups respectively. I also believe that Quincy Enunwa will make his first Pro Bowl, Leonard Williams will make his second Pro Bowl and will be All-Pro for the first time, and the Jamal Adams/Marcus Maye combo (aka The Death Trap or The Hive…let me know which one is better) will become a fan favorite.

Todd Bowles, I believe, will do his best job as Jets head coach with this young team but it will be overshadowed by the growing pains, negative press, and lack of respect. I think Woody Johnson will make calls perform interviews behind the scenes in regards to the Jets head coaching position and realize that there is no one interested that would actually be an upgrade. After realizing that, I believe the Jets will hold on to Todd Bowles for another year.

Dalbin Osorio7-9. I’ve seen this song and dance every year, where teams win games they aren’t supposed to and lose games they aren’t supposed to. This year will be no different, as Christian Hackenberg shows just enough to warrant the Jets passing on a QB next year in favor of AKey from the SEC. I don’t think anyone gets fired, and the Jets use their cache of cash on some big time additions for their presumptive franchise QB.

Now, why do they go 7-9? Simple, really. The defense will keep them in most games, and the special teams will find a way to manufacture points. Their schedule is pretty manageable, and littered with teams that will be overhyped. Todd Bowles will take the next step in year three, and I’ve seen Jeremy Bates get a top 10 statistical offense out of Josh McCown so I think he and John Morton will be able to do just enough to to score some points. Plus, this is the NFL man. Any given Sunday, word to Willie Bremen.

David Aitken: Last year the Jets were a hopeful playoff team with a fragile formula for success that relied on a handful of veterans players to sustain career year level performances from the year before. This year, the hope is on two injury prone veterans to keep the Jets in a 4-6 wins “transitional year” bad tier rather than a 1-3 win “this is a mess” tier.

In a league that revolves against the pass, the Jets are a realistic possibility to have the worst passing unit on both sides of the ball. The last line of defense against this is two veterans picked up this offseason – Josh McCown and Mo Claiborne.

For as long as Claiborne stays healthy the Jets should have a legit starting cover corner, a piece that eluded the Jets all of last year. As for McCown, there’s no illusions here that he’s an upgrade on Fitzpatrick, but he’s a similar tier player that prevents a worst case scenario of playing young passers that aren’t ready to play. Thinking either of them will last more than half a season though just isn’t being realistic given their recent injury history.

The youth of the roster should keep the intensity level high throughout the year even in the face of poor results, but it’ll probably also work against the Jets in terms of wins/losses with few veteran stars to lean on. The Jets will find out what they have through three years of Maccagnan drafts this year, but there are going to be players starting this year that simply don’t have it and others that are going to struggle before they develop into quality players. With a quarterback situation with particularly disastrous potential, my prediction is 3-13 and a top three pick.

Jake BenaquistoI think the Jets will finish the season with another 5-11 record. With a complete overhaul of the roster and the team’s commitment to a youth movement, many expect the Jets to be a lock for the #1 pick in the 2018 draft. Despite these low expectations, there is reason to believe that this Jets team will not be that much worse than they were in 2016. The secondary alone has the potential to be much better. With the luxury of facing Buffalo, Miami, Jacksonville, and Cleveland in four of the first five games, the young backend of the defense can make a name of itself early on. Todd Bowles’ defense will certainly miss the presence of David Harris, but the rest of the unit should be better if guys like Darron Lee, Jordan Jenkins, and Juston Burris continue to progress.

On offense, whoever plays at QB will have the biggest impact on how many games the Jets win in 2017. I expect Christian Hackenberg to be the starter for the entire season, which means John Morton will likely need to rely heavy on the run game. Bilal Powell played great when given the opportunity last year, and he should have a bigger role in the offense. Matt Forte, on the other hand, will give the young QB a reliable safety net out of the backfield. Even if Hackenberg struggles for most of the season, I think the team will still be able to find ways to win games. Todd Bowles will likely be coaching for his job, and if the Jets are the worst team in the league, we could see an entirely new front office and coaching staff in 2018.

Ryan MarconeFans all over the tri-state area are bracing themselves for what all signs are pointing towards being a miserable 2017 season for the New York Jets. Which is exactly why they’ll outperform expectations.

Hear me out, I’m certainly not saying that this team will have some sort of miracle winning or even .500 season, but I predict they will win six games, and this team going 6-10 will surprise a lot of people, especially us.

The Jets probably had the worst performance from their starters last season of any team in the league. Fitzpatrick was the worst QB in the NFL, which is the first and last nice thing I’ll say about Jared Goff, and the defense was absolutely abysmal, letting up long bomb after long bomb and getting lit up on the scoreboard.

And yet that team still managed to win four games.

I think this team has the potential to outperform last year’s team, almost solely on the fact that I think they will show flashes of being an average/above average defense at times and Hackenberg or whoever is behind center just has to be better than Fitz was last year. And make no mistake, you have to actively TRY to be as bad as Fitz was last year.

With a core of young players looking to prove themselves by putting Gang Green back on the map, a respectable defense, and a new offense focused on getting the ball into the hands of playmakers (buy the t-shirt if you haven’t already), I’m caling the Jets to go 6-10 this year.

Because they’re the Jets, and nothing would infuriate the fanbase more than winning enough games to lose out on a top 3 pick when we’ve all been preparing ourselves for it for months.

Scott Mason I’ve thought about this a lot and spoke with former Jets WR Rob Carpenter at length on the topic in episode #1 of TOJ’s newest podcast “Play Like A Jet” but I feel this year is going to be very similar to 1992.  A young group of receivers, a running back on his last legs, a rookie tight end, and a QB combination of an unproven second-year man and over the hill veteran (though admittedly, Ken O’Brien was much better than Josh McCown).  As such, I am assigning the Jets a record of 4-12 with wins coming against Cleveland, Jacksonville, Buffalo, and Miami (I’m assuming a split of the season series with the latter two).  My guess is Hackenberg shines intermittently during the games in which he starts, but it isn’t enough to win many games nor stop the Jets from pursuing a QB in the top part of the first round of the 2018 draft.  That said, the Jets do have a weird habit of exceeding expectations when those expectations are unbelievably low, and the team does have a reasonably easy schedule, so I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of 6 or 7 wins.

Joe Malfa – The Jets will have one of the worst rosters in the league in 2017. It is going to be a rough year and we all know it. How rough? 3-13 rough.

There are a few bright spots on either side of the ball that will be fun to watch in a lost season, but this team simply does not have the pieces to win more than a trio of games.

If you take a look at the schedule, the only game in which the Jets may have an edge on the opposition is Week 5 against the Browns. Other than that, barring any devastating injuries to opponents, the Jets will likely be underdogs every time they take the field.

I think they will win two straight – Week 4 vs. Jacksonville and Week 5 @ Cleveland – and then add the third win at home on Thursday night against the Bills in Week 9.

There’s not much else to it — the Jets will be very bad in 2017.

Edward GorelikThe Jets are a team without hope. As their dinosaur era decision-making leads the ship directly into every iceberg it can steer into, they are in the same comedic predicament as always. An offense without a passer. A defense without an edge rusher. The two most important positions on both ends of the field abandoned. They’ll continue flaunting their league best DVOA run defense that has absolutely no correlation to winning in a league focused on passing.

We cut the rotting carcass that made up the appendages of Jet starters and replaced them with players who haven’t ever played well for 16 games. Nick Mangold for Wesley Johnson. Ryan Clady for Kelvin Beachum. Darrelle Revis for Morris Claiborne. Brandon Marshall for Quincy Enunwa. Ryan Fitzpatrick for Christian Hackenberg (if at 22 he’s learned how to throw a football)

The Jets are not a team who can’t win (we somehow hit 8-8 in 2013 with a team significantly worst than this) but there is not another team in the league with less of a chance of going 9-7 than us.

I predict a catastrophe, and a complete firing of everyone on the staff at the end of the season. I predict we’ll look worse than every other team we face this season, including the Browns and Jaguars. I predict we’ll go 2-14, probably taking one game from the Dolphins and another from the Jaguars.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

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