Can the New York Jets Take Home the Super Bowl Championship Title?

The NFL loves an underdog story with the most recent season resulting in shame for the New York Jets. Though, in the same breath, the loss of victory may just motivate the team to rise above the rest as this year’s unexpected reigning contenders. After a disastrous Super bowl campaign last season, coach Todd Bowles had one thing in mind when he spoke to “Our ultimate goal is to get to the Super Bowl.”

A glance at last season’s events

Last season brought with it a lot of moves and changes. For starters, the management team decided to let wide receiver Brandon Marshall and centre Nick Mangold go off field, after dealing with lengthy injuries during a stressful match. The Jets also cut cornerback Darelle Revis, who struggled through a tough 2016 season. In addition, Jets passed up a few choice free agents, something that has concerned many fans across the nation. In March 2017, Jets set their sights on Dont’a Hightower, waiving him a cool $62 million in cash, but retracted the on boarding process after assessing his physical exam. This eventually led to the Patriots up signing the linebacker.

Is it Comeback Season yet?

Despite a rocky season, many punters are eyeing playoff success and Bowles’ team may just be able to achieve this. The key to a successful Super Bowl campaign is in consistency when it comes to the quarterback , referring to the position and the players themselves. By simply anaylising how the Atlanta Falcons has Matt Ryan, The Pittsburgh Steelers boats Ben Rothliesberger and The New England Patriots has Tom Brady; it’s easy to see how quarterback position consistency propels a team forward. This in turn creates a consistency in play, which lasts all year round. The Jets haven’t experienced this sort of synergy in quite some time, but perhaps Josh McCown may be the answer. While his health was a major concern last season, McCown has been working with veteran quarterback coach Jeremy Bates and offensive coordinator John Morton to achieve success.

Follow the Leader

The quarterback is expected to lead the rest of the team, however, due to the role being like a carousel as of late, the proposed candidate needs to step up and be a strong leader in the Jets locker room, or have the team’s morale plummet, creating a breeding ground for more internal issues. A healthy morale is vital, whether off or on the field. The good news is that while they work on getting the team in top shape, the Jets has a good leader in their midst, Todd Bowles. Let’s hope that he will be the vocal leader who will carry the burden that comes with coaching this team and its many issues to pull it out of its sluggishness.

Playoff Expectations

Due to so many recent changes, Jets fans have mixed feelings and low expectations for the season, which means that the NFL betting odds are looking meaty. This playoff-hungry team has to crack the 2017 post season to achieve any level of success, depending on whether the right choices are made.

One thing we’ve come to realize with so many NFL seasons is that anything could happen. Underdogs have risen from the darkness to turn the tables of shame on their opponents. There’s really no telling what could transpire. Who knows? the Jets could indeed make it into the playoffs. Many betting sites are weighing out the odds for the Jets to take the title, a bet which could pay huge if Bowles’ manages to pull a rabbit out of the hat.