NFL Draft 2017 – The New York Jets Round One Guide

Joe Caporoso with final predictions, ramblings and thoughts on the 2017 NFL Draft before the New York Jets make their first round selection…

The 2017 NFL Draft is here…a moment New York Jets fans have been waiting for since Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 147 interceptions against the Chiefs in week 3. (I can’t believe he hasn’t received any interest in free agency yet despite all his grit and leadership skills!)

Below is everything you need to know heading into tonight, including who to watch, final predictions, thoughts, nicknames, mock drafts and other assorted ramblings. We will have a live blog here on the site during the first round, be tracking the action on Twitter and on our Draft SZN Podcast…


Players most frequently associated with the Jets whether they stay put at #6 or trade down. 

Jamal Adams – The Jets very own Landon Collins. The safe safety with a high floor, off the chart intangibles and a tone setting style of play. He is probably the top player on the Jets board not named Myles Garrett and if he is there at #6, you should expect them to take him.

OJ Howard – The Jets move their offense into the 21st century. One of the best all-around tight end prospects in recent years and arguably the best offensive player in the class. Jets fans have warmed to him at #6 but has the front office?

Malik Hooker – The Jets swing for the fences. More risk than Adams but more upside, potentially the type of player who can change an entire defensive unit with his ball skills. If Adams is gone and the Jets can’t move back, one of the team’s most likely options.

Marshon Lattimore – The Jets piss everybody off. Terrifying medicals on a cornerback is never comforting in the top ten. Dee Milliner PTSD may keep the Jets away (and has soured most fans on the pick) but Lattimore has been a popular mock selection for the Jets by many #pundits.

Mitch Trubisky – The “Look The Part” Guy. The consensus top quarterback in the NFL Draft and the QB most frequently linked to the Jets. The Browns may go full Browns and take him at #1 and if not, will be looking to move up from #12 to get him…hello trade down partner!

Leonard Fournette – Hello, Todd Gurley. There has been limited chatter about him at #6 and hopefully the Jets are not considering a running back so high in the first round but don’t sleep on this as a potential selection. Fournette is a big name, who is a safe pick and can take 38 handoffs per game from JoshChristian McCownEnBerg.

Haason Reddick – The late riser who may not have a position. Athletic chess piece for second level of Jets defense who played at Todd Bowles’ alma mater. An ideal target if the team trades back…unless they just take him at #6.

Deshaun Watson – The best QB in the class but VELOCITY, THOUGH! There has not been much chatter associating the Jets with Watson but they did work him out…and he is the best quarterback in this class. I’d watch Jacksonville at #4.

Patrick Mahomes – #JetsTwitter Darling. Flying up the board but still more likely a target after a trade down rather than at #6. Based on this regime’s history, would be a more likely target than Watson if they took a quarterback other than Trubisky.

David Njoku – Weaponzzz. Some believe he is the best tight end in the class. He is not in play at #6 but after a trade down? That could happen.

Charles Harris – A pass rusher? What is that? An edge rusher after all these years but would be a major reach at #6. A potential target after a trade down.

The Deep Sleepers 

Christian McCaffrey – Mr. Do It All. It looks like he will be a top ten pick. Do the Jets value him high enough as an all around offensive weapon? Hopefully not at #6.

Marlon Humphrey – Not Big Name Corner. The Jets need corners and if they are scared of Lattimore’s medicals, Humphrey or Gareon Conley could be targets. He’d be a reach at #6.

Mike Williams – Hood Ornament. Don’t take a receiver in the first round.


The Jets want to trade down like you want to win the lottery…at least they have been advertising it that way. Unfortunately it sounds like the whole word wants to do the same thing. “ALL THE COOL KIDS ARE DOING IT!”

Ultimately, you should not be surprised if the Jets move back (especially to #12 in a swap with Cleveland) BUT if Cleveland decides to trade with Tennessee to #5 or nobody else is desperate to jump in front of the Chargers (who pick at #7), the Jets may be stuck at #6. Make it count, Mike and remember you can throw Sheldon Richardson in any trade…or Calvin Pryor, even though he is about as valuable as a crate of broken eggs right now.


One man’s scale…

BILLY DEE CLAPPING GIF (THRILLED) – Deshaun Watson or Malik Hooker

PRAYER HANDS (CONTENT) – Jamal Adams, OJ Howard, Haason Reddick after a trade down, Patrick Mahomes.

SHRUG LIFE (OKAY) – Mitch Trubisky, David Njoku, Gareon Conley, Charles Harris or Marlon Humphrey after a trade down.

THE DUMPSTER IS ON FIRE (PISSED) – Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey (at #6), Marshon Lattimore, DeShone Kizer, an offensive lineman or defensive lineman at #6.


  1. Cleveland – Mitch Trubisky…CLEVELAND THIS IS FOR YOU!
  2. San Francisco – Myles Garrett…Merry Christmas.
  3. Chicago – Malik Hooker…John Fox chews gum and nods emphatically.
  4. Jacksonville – Deshaun Watson…Idzik’s Revenge.
  5. Tennessee – Marshon Lattimore…Start stretching.
  6. New York – Jamal Adams…SAFE!
  7. Los Angeles – Solomon Thomas…Bosa’s New Buddy.
  8. Carolina – Leonard Fournette…Stop running, Cam.
  9. Cincinnati – Jonathan Allen…Boring but effective.
  10. Buffalo – Haason Reddick…work on those kick slides Brandon and Kelvin.
  11. New Orleans – Marlon Humphrey…this is the year for our D, you guys.
  12. Cleveland – OJ Howard…Mitch’s new BFF.
  13. Arizona – Patrick Mahomes…Throw it to the moon, Pat.
  14. Philadelphia – Christian McCaffrey…They are already producing a movie about him starring Mark Wahlberg.
  15. Indianapolis – Cam Robinson…Team keep Andrew Luck alive.

#JetsTwitter Justifications For All Picks 

Jamal Adams – We need leadership! He is so safe!

Leonard Fournette – Finally, somebody who can score touchdowns! He can take pressure off our crappy quarterbacks!

Malik Hooker – We need turnovers! His health concerns are overrated!

Marshon Lattimore – It isn’t fair to compare him to Dee Milliner! He is the next Revis, bro!

OJ Howard – Hackenberg needs a weapon! We have the worst tight ends in the NFL!

Mitch Trubisky – Have you seen our quarterback depth chart? All the “top guys” says he is the best QB in the draft.

Deshaun Watson – WINNER!…He is a winner!

Patrick Mahomes – (passes out from excitement).

Solomon Thomas/Charles Harris – I don’t care bro, you gotta take BPA…we could let Mo walk now. Who can block our defensive line? (Watches as team has 4 sacks through the first 7 games)

Haason Reddick – He can line up…EVERYWHERE! We need a pass rusher.

Marlon Humphrey/Gareon Conley – (looks up Wikipedia page)…safe! smart! Fills a need!


  • It is a joke that Trubisky is going to be selected before Watson
  • Solomon Thomas will never sniff a Pro Bowl
  • Charles Harris will never eclipse 10 sacks in a season
  • Christian McCaffrey will be a better pro than Leonard Fournette
  • Both Jamal Adams and Malik Hooker will be All-Pro players
  • OJ Howard will be a top three TE in the NFL after his second season
  • Adoree Jackson will be the best CB in this class
  • Haason Reddick will be the best pass rusher in this class not named Myles Garrett

Guess At The Jets Big Board 

  1. Myles Garrett
  2. Jamal Adams
  3. Mitch Trubisky
  4. OJ Howard
  5. Leonard Fournette
  6. Malik Hooker
  7. Haason Reddick
  8. Christian McCaffrey
  9. Solomon Thomas
  10. Marshon Lattimore

The TOJ Editor Big Board 

  1. Myles Garrett
  2. OJ Howard
  3. Malik Hooker
  4. Deshaun Watson
  5. Leonard Fournette
  6. Jamal Adams
  7. Patrick Mahomes
  8. Christian McCaffrey
  9. Marlon Humphrey
  10. David Njoku

Final Jets Percentages 

30% – Jamal Adams – If he is there at #6, the Jets take him

25% – Trade Down – The Jets primary goal of the night

20% – OJ Howard or Malik Hooker – Fallback plans at #6

15% – Haason Reddick or Marshon Lattimore – Other fallback plans at #6

9% – Mitch Trubisky or Leonard Fournette – Surprise, surprise.

1% – Somebody Else – This will obviously happen now.

Happy Draft Night Everybody! 


Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports