TOJ Pick Six – Top NFL Draft Eligible Wide Receivers

Dalbin Osorio ranks the top six receivers in the NFL Draft and considers if the Jets may take one this April…

With this week’s #PickSix, the attention turns to the pass catchers that will be aiming to make their mark in the NFL next year. While this isn’t a class to the level of the Beckham/Evans/Watkins class, there are contributors littered all over it. Let’s breakdown the guys that we think could do a good job of catching an errant Christian Hackenberg/Bryce Petty overthrow in this week’s #PickSix..

1. Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan
Positional Ranking: 1 (Last Week: NR)
Overall Ranking: 8
Stats: 331 REC, 5278 YARDS, 52 TDs
Compliment: able to attack the ball in the air as oppose to letting the ball land in his body; great route runner; underrated athleticism
Critique: could improve his jump ball skills; doesn’t use hands to beat press as effectively as a player his size should; has lost focus at times when anticipating a hit

2. Mike Williams, WR, Clemson
Positional Ranking: 2 (Last Week: NR)
Overall Ranking: 9
Stats: 177 REC, 2727 YARDS, 21 TDs
Compliment: huge catch radius; great after the catch; shows uncanny focus during one on one situations when the ball is in the air
Critique: footwork is inconsistent when running routes; struggles with protecting the ball when fighting for extra yardage; doesn’t sell his routes well

3. Juju Smith-Schuster, WR, USC
Positional Ranking: 3
Overall Ranking: 25
Stats: 213 REC, 3092 YARDS, 25 TDs
Compliment: physical WR that beats press coverage easily; very fluid route runner; able to shield defenders on comeback routes
Critique: not very fast, and lacks the speed of Williams and Davis; not very explosive; inconsistent blocker

4. Cooper Kupp, WR, Eastern Washhington
Positional Ranking: 4
Overall Ranking: 37
Stats: 428 REC, 6464 YARDS, 73 TDs
Compliment: best route runner in draft; physical wide receiver in the open field; does not give up on plays and keeps his legs churning
Critique: does not make defenders miss; is a bit careless with the ball in his hands; needs to be better at using his physicality to beat man press

5. John Ross, WR, Washington
Positional Ranking: 5
Overall Ranking: 43
Stats: 114 REC, 1729 YARDS, 22 TDs
Compliment: best athlete in the WR class; runs precise routes and is able to set up defenders for double moves; effortlessly tracks over the shoulder throws
Critique: not extremely physical; easily pushed off his spot by physical DBs; has a tendency to body catch instead of using his hands

6. Dede Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma
Positional Ranking: 6
Overall Ranking: 53
Stats: 126 REC, 2267 YARDS, 21 TDs
Compliment: displays very quick feet; freewheeling route runner that shows a willingness to break off his routes; highpoints and secures contested throws consistently
Critique: skinny frame that might not be able to withstand physical punishment; terrible blocker; struggles with ball security

On The Clock With The Jets
While not the popular opinion, Corey Davis is the best wide receiver in this class but I would not consider him with the 6th overall pick. If he were to somehow fall to the second round, I could see the Jets pulling the trigger and putting him at split end while Eric Decker and Quincy Enunwa move around the slot.

Mike Williams, the 6th of his name, will be mocked higher than Davis and he could be very productive, but I do get a little Kevin White vibe from him and I worry that we’ve seen his ceiling. The inconsistent footwork and ball security issus worry me.

Smith-Schuster is a candidate for the Jets if they trade back. I know alot of fans will scoff at a WR, but Schuster has a little Brandon Marshall in him and could be a steal for a team like Kansas City or Seattle at the end of Round 1.

Cooper Kupp is an effortless route runner, remiscent of Reggie Wayne actually, and in round 2 he could be a good value pick for the Jets if they move on from Marshall and/or Decker. He won’t test well at the combine, but as a second day value pick he could end up being the best WR in the draft.

John Ross is the type of kid that shoots up draft boards because of how athletic he is, and his athleticism will cause teams to overlook how incomplete a WR he is. I wouldn’t touch him until the third or fourth round. Same goes for Westbrook, who reminds me ALOT of Stevie Johnson.

I don’t think the Jets add a wide receiver in this draft, and instead choose to build the rest of their team.

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Author: Dalbin Osorio

Dalbin Osorio is a Case Planner for Graham-Windham, New York's oldest child welfare agency. He is, also, a student at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Dalbin graduated from Monroe College with a degree in Business Administration. A 3 sport utility man in high school (think a mix of Jerome WIlliams, Brad Smith, and Jayson Nix), he joined TOJ in 2013.