New York Jets – What Say You?

John Hargaden on how the New York Jets will play out the string

Will we get the fight or flight from the New York Jets the rest of the season?

From what we saw on Monday night, it sure looks like we are getting the flight response from this Jets team.  From the opening kickoff till the last whistle the Jets looked like a team, that except for a few players, that are just going through the motions trying to end the season as quickly as possible.

On the offensive side of the ball, Ryan Fitzpatrick (who should never take the field ever again) could not get anything going moving the ball down the field and stalled drive after drive after drive. The defense did not do much better, Andrew Luck and the Colts offense shredded our defense again and again.  Our “vaunted” run defense allowed 140 yards on the ground.  The only time our fans could cheer was when security tackled the two guys running on the field.  With a national audience watching Monday night, the Jets were taken out to the back and beaten with a pipe.

Well we have hit rock bottom.  The Jets now prepare to travel to face a 1-11 49ers team that faces many questions similar to the Jets.  Will we get a fight or flight response? There is more increasing pressure on Todd Bowles and his staff as the season now makes it final turn towards home.  None of us due not know what the future holds for Bowles and his staff.  Also with the decision to start Bryce Petty the last 4 games of the season,  the odds are more than likely the Jets will not win more than 2 games the rest of the season if that.  Will this team fight for it’s coach? Will we see another lack luster performance? Or will will see a team that has some pride over the last few weeks? What say you.

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