Jets VS Dolphins: Chances, Tips And Odds

We are expecting to see a royal beating on the MetLife stadium on December 15. NY Jets are expected to pulverize Miami Dolphins and boy oh boy, are the green fans in for a treat!

Jets have had a pretty good rundown this season with stunning victories against the Browns and the Ravens. We are well-spirited and aimed at success. This game against Miami in particular should be a treat.

Alas, previous achievements mean less then dirt when players are in the field struggling for the ball. We still have many questions that need answers like: can NY contain Jay Ajayi? Will the field work in our favor? What are the odds for Big Apple’s victory? The latter question, by the way, is perfectly answered on pro betting sites like:

Possible outcome #1

The Jets have suffered a series of straight losses before and are now on a winning spree. Can the green devils maintain the speed in a game against Miami? Sure they can. The Dolphins don’t even look like they have any ambition this season. It’s almost like they are the fish out of water when put on a football field.  

With a sloppy quarterback like Ryan Tannehill, even despite two won games, they are barely a match for the uprising Jets machine.

Prediction: Miami 20, NY 14

Possible outcome #2

Th Dolphins have already proven their worth in this season. But not as a valid team of players, no. They are simply not as terrible as we thought they would be. Mostly because Miami has Jay Ajayi on their side and with a player like that even Tannehill can lead his team to victory.

This means both teams can be considered as relatively equal and we are about to experience a bloodbath unlike any other. New York can still pull the game off though.

Prediction: Miami 20, NY 21

Possible outcome #3

The Dolphins can actually win. A local sports columnist, for once, believes that Miami is simply that much better as a team than the green goliaths. Jay Ajayi was a superb defensive player with an emphasis on Bills defense. Nothing stands in his way this time as well and good old Jay can pull off the same stunt once again. His pick is: Miami 28, NY 17. However, if we have learned about local columnists it’ is that picks this season only work out as the polar opposite of what he has originally said.

What else can be said? We’ve basically covered the entire game in a nutshell and can now only hope for the best. Go Jets!

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