Will Fitzpatrick’s Injury Prevent Him from Playing Quarterback for the Jets?

The talented New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick may have to stay away from the field for a while due to an injury he sustained in a recent game. He is scheduled to undergo a medical examination to determine the extent of the damage on Monday. The results of the scan will determine whether or not he continues playing. Something for sure is that with this injury, this will affect the Super Bowl picks a for most Jet’s fans. 

The Injury

Fitzpatrick got injured in a game against the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium. The injury was caused by the Dolphin’s tackle, Jordan Phillips, who rolled on to Ryan’s left leg in the third quarter of the game. Although Ryan tried to brave the pain for a while, he finally couldn’t stand it anymore and had to leave the field. Bryce Petty, who is Ryan’s back up, filled in the vacancy. Fitzpatrick’s absence from the team caused the Jets to lose to the Miami Dolphins, with the score reading 27- 23.

In the next game after the injury, he still continued to brave the pain for a while. When the coach, Todd Bowles, was asked about the injury, he quipped that he had no intention of changing quarterbacks. Ryan preferred to stay silent on the matter, saying that he would await the results of the medical examination in order to comment on the issue. He wore an ice pack to the conference room and was limping on the way there, but all that everyone can do is speculate on the intensity of the injury. All the Jets fans are certainly hoping that the injury isn’t too serious, considering how essential Ryan is to the team.

Fitzpatrick is not the only Jets member who has suffered an injury when playing this season. Fellow quarterback, Geno Smith, suffered torn ACL in the match against the Baltimore Ravens. It was in fact Geno’s absence from the team that gave Fitzpatrick a chance to play for his team. His presence in the team gave the Jets a win that they desperately needed against the Ravens. At the end of the game, the scores read 23- 20, with the Jets being on the lead.

In the game against the Miami Dolphins, Fitzpatrick, who covered 193 yards, managed two interceptions, which was no mean achievement. He led his team to two straight wins, and would have easily won them a third, had he not been slightly inaccurate in his game. The Jets were rather unlucky in that game, as they only scored one touchdown out of five trips. Ryan’s inaccuracy was clearly very costly to his team. After the game, he got into a row with fellow team mate Brandon Marshall which turned out to be rather nasty.

Later on, the two publicly announced that the argument was nothing more than the usual bickering that teammates occasionally have. They emphasized that the row would not change a thing about how they relate to each other, and less so affect the team in any way. They also asserted that the whole issue was behind them, and that it is just one of the downs in their long surviving relationship.