New York Jets – Where Do We Go From Here?

John Hargaden on where the New York Jets go from here, after dropping to 3-6…

What was supposed to be a season to be filled with promise and hope has now turned to a season of questions and disappointment for your 3-6 New York Jets. This team, coming off a 10-6 season, was looking to aim higher, to achieving a playoff birth to avenge the loss to Buffalo last season to end their postseason chances. There was so much optimism coming into the season but now it is all lost and the seats at Metlife will only become more and more empty as the season goes on. Where do we go from here? When does Todd Bowles face reality and start either Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg? When do we see younger players starting to get quality reps? When will there be accountability for terrible play?

Players play and coaches coach, I get that; however, I am shocked that Bowles is still making the terrible decisions that he did last year. His use of challenges and timeouts was a major question mark last year but everyone (including me) chalked it up just due to a rookie head coach and going forward he would improve. Folks, I do not see any improvements this season. Bowles is still making terrible decisions where to go for it or not, when to challenge a play or not, and needing to call timeouts because of personnel not being right on the field.

Yesterday’s game in regards to the potential forward pass by Miami, Bowles needed to challenge that call. There was clear evidence that was a backwards pass. There are instances every week that Bowles makes very questionable decisions. It is every game as well where our offense needs to burn a critical timeout due to wrong personnel or getting out of the huddle with little to no time left on the play clock.  Offense or defense, this is on Bowles to speak to his coordinators to get everyone on the same page.  Also we are now entering our 10th regular season game, there are no excuses.

When the Jets line up next week against the Rams, it should be either Petty or Hackenberg behind center and not Ryan Fitzpatrick.  All of the #AngryFitz supporters need to take a hike.  Many Jets fans (myself included) wanted Fitzpatrick back this year. Off of his best year as a pro last year, we wanted him back to continue his relationship with Chan Gailey and with Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker. This year we have seen the reason why Fitzpatrick has been with multiple teams in his career. He leads the NFL in INTs and he simply can not make the regular NFL throws a QB should make. This has now been happening for weeks and enough is enough.  There is no way he will be back next season, just cut the loses at this point and let’s see what the kids have.

Jets fans: it is time for a rebuild. It is evaluation time for Mike Maccagnan and company to look over this roster to see who is worth keeping next year and to continue to plan for the future.  This roster across the board is getting older by the second.  There are major holes across the board at pretty much every position.  Our cap is in shambles, players such as Revis, Clady will need to be restructured or cut.  This team needs to be built through the draft, no more signing older vets to contracts that do not make sense.  Maccagnan’s career has been based in scouting.  Woody let your GM do his job and get out of his way. There is no way Woody Johnson will say this team is in a rebuild, not in a market like New York.  You can still do a rebuild and also field a competitive team.  However you need the QB. The Jets have always had a revolving door at QB ever since Pennington, will we ever find the franchise QB?

I still am not sure what I would do with Bowles at the end of the season.  I have been pondering this question for a good few weeks with the team’s struggles. There are some aspects of Bowles that makes me think he is going to be a good HC.  There are aspects that make me terrified of what he will be long term.  When you look at teams that have had long term coaches (i.e. Giants, Patriots, Steelers, Seahawks) they kept those coaches and systems in place for a long period of time and they were able to right the ship.  Will we finally allow a HC to stay in place longer than a NY minute? Is Todd Bowles the right guy? Ask me at the end of the season.

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