New York Jets – What Is The Future?

John Hargaden on how the New York Jets should proceed this offseason

The New York Jets will likely soon be 3-8 and potentially finish up either 4-12 or somewhere around there. The fans will be looking to see what the future of this team will be. In the piece that I wrote a few weeks ago I had asked the question what to do with Todd Bowles going forward and I said that I would tell you when the season is over…

I have come to a decision more quickly than I thought. I do believe that it is time for the Jets at the end of the season to get rid of Todd Bowles  As I am writing the piece I am trying to think of any possible thing that I can reason with to keep Bowles. I simply can not do that.  For years, the Jets have hired defensive minded head coaches and always this team has not preformed on the offensive side of the ball on a regular and consistent basis. People will look to the success that the team had last year on the offensive side of the ball. The Jets caught lighting in a bottle last year with Ryan Fitzpatrick and now you can see the job he has done so far this year.

I am not sure who had a final say in who starts at QB on Sunday against New England. Both owner Woody Johnson and GM Mike Maccagnan have said on a regular basis that Bowles’ has the final say. If this is truly the case, the only reason why Fitzpatrick is starting is to win a few more games and help Bowles keep his job. Bowles is trying to protect himself as much as possible which I sort of get. However at this point of the season, there has to be a understanding that you need to look at the young kids to see where we are going forward. Am I saying that either Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg will be the next Tom Brady? Not likely, however I would rather see their development than the guy who is right near the top of list in interceptions and constantly does not go through his progressions.

Is there a part of me that says Bowles deserves another shot? Yes. However, he is not the coach that this team needs right now.  This team needs new direction, leadership and a young offensive mind. We are about to enter the final weeks of the season and instead of wondering about the possibility of getting into the playoffs for the first time in SIX seasons, we are now looking at mock drafts. Bye Todd and good luck.

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