TOJ New York Jets Link Dump – October 8, 2016

Matthew Stalker with a link dump to prep you for week 5, Jets vs. Steelers…

Matthew Stalker is back with a New York Jets link dump heading into Week 5 of the 2016 NFL season. Let’s see what all the talk is about in New York leading up to this week’s game…

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Edward Gorelik takes an in-depth look at quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick versus the Seahawks in his Context Stats project.

—In this week’s TOJ Roundtable, the guys and gals gave their predictions on Sunday’s game against the Steelers.

—In TOJ’s weekly Know Your Opponent piece, I gave a quick overview of the Pittsburgh Steelers depth chart.

Joe Caporoso delivers another edition of the PrimeSport Turn on the Jets 12 Pack!

—Back again with the next TOJ Pick Six, Dalbin Osorio takes a look at your Twitter questions for this week’s match-up in Pittsburgh!

—Defensive lineman Steve McLendon and safety Rontez Miles return home for this weekend’s matchup in Pittsburgh against the Steelers. (NYJ)

—Another look at the New York offense digs deeper into offensive coordinator Chan Gailey as opposed to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick for improvement and getting the Jets’ offense back on track. (GGN)

—After nine interceptions in the last two games, Ryan Fitzpatrick needs

to bounce back, but how will he able to do that if there’s nobody to throw to? (NYP)

—Could the Jets defense avoid a meltdown this week in Pittsburgh? (NJ)

—Wide receiver Brandon Marshall wants the NFL to allow some fun for the players into the league and added that if he scores a touchdown in Pittsburgh, he’s twerking to celebrate. (ND)

—Jets’ cornerback Darrelle Revis knows he may be called upon to play safety.  It’s been discussed quite a bit this season, but Revis remains focused on what he can control right now and will face the safety position if it comes up. (TP)