TOJ Roundtable – Jets vs. Seahawks, Week 4 Edition

The TOJ Roundtable gives their predictions for the New York Jets vs. the Seattle Seahawks…

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What are your predictions for the New York Jets vs. the Seattle Seahawks in week 4?

Joe Caporoso – In Friday’s 12 Pack, I’m likely going to pick the Jets to lose so I will use this space to talk about why Jets fans could have some optimism for this weekend. First, the NFL is a week to week league. On paper after last week, the Jets look woefully equipped to beat Seattle on Sunday but did anybody think Arizona was losing to Buffalo, Cleveland was taking Miami to overtime or the Steelers would lose by 30 last week?

Seattle is a different team away from home, nevermind when they need to fly across the country for a 1PM game. They have an offensive line that is going to struggle to block the Jets talent upfront and Russell Wilson is likely to be playing through a sprained MCL. Seattle struggled heavily with the Rams, who have a similar defense to the Jets. Of the Jets next three matchups, you could argue this is their most favorable.

Dalbin Osorio – I honestly don’t know what to expect from a talented and inconsistent Jets team that had their offense get mollywhopped by a depleted Chiefs defense missing their best pass rusher. The Seahawks are a better defense with playmakers at every level, and they will not drop gifted INTs. Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas are what Eric Berry and Marcus Peters will be when they morph, like Power Rangers in the secondary. Can the Jets bounce back? Will the playcalling be more aggressive? Will new acquisition ASJ make an impact? Will Todd Bowles beat one of the better coaches in football for only the third time? 

Too many questions for Gang Green, and they start with the QB and the head coach. The Seahawks may just sit back and watch Sixpatrick implode, and I think Six needs to prove that he has short term memory and can bounce back from what was the worst game I’ve ever seen from a QB. Bowles’s defense, on the other hand, only gave up 10 points and that should’ve been enough to win. How he prepares his team for a step up in class against Seattle can help limit the damage Six will do. That’s what I’m looking for. 

David Aitken – This is a Seahawks team already playing at their peak defensively, giving up just 37 points over the first three games. You could argue that nobody is playing better defense right now than Seattle. That is worrying, not just because the Jets just got a lethal dose of bad Fitz last Sunday, but because he over multiple games has shown himself to be unable to handle playing against top-level defenses. The Seahawks themselves struggled to put up points in their first two outings, scoring just 12 against Miami and matching the Jets’ total output against the Chiefs in their Week 2 matchup against the Rams. That of course was overshadowed by last week’s performance where they obliterated San Francisco.

I would argue that the Jets have a better shot of making Seattle’s offense look like they did the first two weeks than last week though. This is because Seattle’s biggest weakness, an abysmal offensive line, plays right into the Jets’ biggest strength. Todd Bowles described having a “come to Jesus” moment with the team this week. I have no idea what that means, but hopefully it creates some kind of spark after the mess that was this past Sunday. I’ll say the Jets squeak out an ugly one, 13-10. If not, it’ll be a pray to Jesus moment for the Jets soon.

Kevin Zielaznicki – The Jets need this win bad, especially after a horrendous loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last week. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw six (!!!!) interceptions, coaching was bad, and it was just one of those games where everything was off. This game against the Seahawks will show what type of team the 2016 Jets really are. Will they continue to slug around or will they come out fired up and ready to prove that last week was a fluke?

Luckily for the Jets,the Seahawks are traveling across the country and starting QB Russell Wilson may not play due to a knee injury. The Seahawks offensive line is banged up and hasn’t played well so far this season so I expect the Jets defense front to have a good amount of success against them. On offense, the Jets will have to go up against one of the top units in the league. Fitz needs to play mistake free and the Jets must establish the run early in order for them to have a shot at winning. With all that being said, I think this game will be decided by a late field goal and the Jets will come out victorious.

John HargadenAfter a disappointing loss on the road in Kansas City, filled with turnovers, the Jets return to the friendly MetLife as the 1-2 Jets take on the Seattle Seahawks. This is going to be a tough test against a defensive unit that is one of the best in football.  The Jets’ offense last week was offensive with 6 turnovers by QB Ryan Fitzpatrick who looked to be just flinging the ball around hoping for the best. For the Jets to have a chance, it is imperative that Chan Gailey and company have a balance between running and passing.

Matt Forte had few holes to run through against KC which forced the Jets into many passing situations.  Fitzpatrick must take better care of the ball, IF IT IS NOT THERE DO NOT THROW IT.  On the defensive side of the ball, they played well against Kansas City, especially in the 2nd half.  Going into Sunday, QB Russell Wilson has a MCL sprain which should force him to be more of a pocket passer rather than scrambling for a play to develop. RB Thomas Rawls will not be playing either.  All around their must be a better game plan on Sunday and the Jets must feed off their home crowd to have a chance. It is going to be a close game either way.

Alex Kaczynski – What did I watch last week? Night and day from week 2 to week 3, and the worst part was I was confident that the Jets were going to walk away from Arrowhead with a W. Obviously Fitz should not have been forcing throws into tight windows in the redone but why did the offense abandon the run within the 10 yard line? Very odd play calling for a very odd week in the NFL. At the end of the day, this didn’t end the Jets’ season and I’m predicting and win with Seattle coming to MetLife. Lots of positives for the Jets this week in this tough match-up. Seattle is banged up pretty bad. Russell Wilson is not doing well with his MCL and Rawls is out. The offensive line isn’t playing well either, so expect a hobbled Wilson to have to attempt to be mobile. Traveling across the country for a 1pm start is never good for the away team. The Jets NEED a win this week before having to play a tough Steelers team next week. I expect a close game but the offense can not give up more points than the defense this week or it is going to be another long, painful game. Jets W 17 – 14.

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Author: Joe Caporoso

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