TOJ New York Jets Link Dump – September 11, 2016

Matthew Stalker with a week 1 TOJ Link Dump to get you ready for #Jets vs. #Bengals…

Matthew Stalker is back with a New York Jets link dump heading into Week 1 of the 2016 NFL season. Let’s see what thoughts are coming up to preview the Jets upcoming season, kicking things off with a little self-promotion…

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— In this week’s TOJ Roundtable, the guys and gals gave their predictions on the upcoming Jets season with records, playoff hopes and an outlook on the roster.

— In TOJ’s weekly Know Your Opponent piece, I gave a quick overview of the Cincinnati Bengals depth chart, while David Aitken took a much closer look into the Bengals with his New York Jets Opponent Spotlight.

Joe Caporoso delivers another edition of the PrimeSport Turn on the Jets 12 Pack!

— What happened with the 13 undrafted free agents the Jets picked up for camp?  Nikki Charlesworth breaks it down in her UDFA Breakdown for 2016.

— Alex Kaczynski gives us a look at trends heading into this afternoon’s game and tells us why the Jets could come out of Week 1 with a victory.

— Back again with the first TOJ Pick SixDalbin Osorio takes a look at six matchups that could determine who leaves MetLife this afternoon 1-0.

— Applicable today given it is September 11 and has been 15 years since the attacks on the World Trade Center buildings, Mike Vaccaro goes back and details how a couple of the biggest names in New York in 2001, Michael Strahan and Kevin Mawae, felt about stepping on the field after that day(NYP)

— During a Q&A segment, one thing Jets wide receiver Eric Decker looks to do in 2016 is compliment his game more by running wide variety of patterns, but especially more deep patterns(ND)

Jets corner back Buster Skrine has been preparing for a bigger role this season, and highlights how the game feels to him now heading into his sixth year, and what he thinks he will do. (NJ)

— And for a little nostalgia, let’s take a look back at when the Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets last faced off in the season opener.  The year was 2004… (GGN)

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