What Does Fitzpatrick Return Mean to the New York Jets’ QB2 Competition

Geno Smith came out of the Jet’s locker room on Thursday without saying a word to the eagerly waiting reporters. Time was dwindling to the one-year anniversary of the incident that changed the course of his career. Smith had suffered a locker room punch from a fellow teammate that fractured his jaw denying him a chance to play as the jet’s starter. Now Smith is gone again just as his recovery achieved a steady pace. This abrupt turn of events is likely to have an unprecedented impact on the NFL predictions against the spread.

This pre-season , Smith has been performing with a goal of impressing his next employer far more than the Jet’s decision-makers. Smith by all standards is the quintessential Jet’s backup player .It is virtually impossible to imagine Jet’s performance without the services of this experienced backup. Smith is set to be gone next season as he is in his final year deal whose time in Jets has been but star-crossed. The jets hope to never see Smith play in the regular season after Fitzpatrick signed with them on the eve of the training camp. 

Though, the preseason games may not count , they still matter for smith, the entire quarterback room and the Jet who will have to make crucial franchise-defining decisions before the season comes to a close.

There is a legitimate chance that the Jets might consider keeping four quarterbacks , which will as a consequence make them an expressive outlier in the league where specialization has led to every last roster spot very precious that the majority of the teams have only two quarterbacks on the roster, opting to have an extra receiver or lineman. The last incidence an NFL team had four quarterbacks was in 2013 when the Minnesota Vikings and the Washington Redskins did it.

Quarterbacks are very precious in the NFL and for the Jets it seems to be a very plausible move. However, having too many quarterbacks amounts to extravagance while having none spells doom for the team. It is not guaranteed that the Jets will have a good season this year or the years to come considering that in the last season they ended with a very disastrous Fitzpatrick flameout. However, the abundance of arms increases their chances tremendously, but the danger of being wrong was demonstrated in the preseason game. At the time two former Jets managers, John Idzik and Terry Bradway failed to land a promising long-term franchise quarterback while working in the lower rung position for other teams. 

The Jet’s major difficulty was pretty obvious while they were playing against Jacksonville. The Jaguars have an impressive young quarterback , Blake Bortles, whom the Jets would sacrifice anything to have. Christian Hackenberg holds the Jets future of filling the position, though they regard him, as a long-term project with a tortuous learning curve that is yet to be surmounted. The head coach Todd Bowles explained that Hackenberg did not play in the opener game in preseason since there were only a handful of practices reps that showed up. He added that the future is on a horizon with him holding the number four quarterback this season. 

The Jets plan on staging a stiff competition for the backup job with the role of Smith in it summed up in their first game. He impressively threw a seventeen yard touchdown pass to Charone Peake, outside shoulder, which was at the goal line pylon. This was a classic pass that Smith has sporadically tantalized the jets with. He displayed a perfect promise of progress at the start the season before he suffered a fateful punch. Despite his incredible performance, he also suffered from discounted fans who booed him after numerous series of incompletions showing how impatience had blurred the Jets fans. It is worth noting that Smith has a brilliant future in the league, but it is unlikely to be in New York. 

Bowles lessened the speculation about Smith role when he said that he still remained the number 2 quarterback. Smith is incredibly instrumental in Jets; he is well experienced and has won games in the past.

This leaves Bryce Petty in the number 3 quarterback with Hackenberg occupying the fourth. It is fun that Petty who has gunslinger mentality and strong-arms summed his preseason outing on Thursday as comfortable. That’s said ,it is important to note that he will have to work extra hard to overtake Smith in the backup position before the season opens in September 11.The real fun will be displayed in the rest of the preseason, at what time we will witness the order with which they will play.

Long-term speculations are rife that Petty will be Hackenberg backup, but time will tell. The short term hope is that the Jets will have a chance to make the playoffs now with a stellar defense. Tom Brady four game suspension spells unpredictability for the Patriots, but some level of comfort between receivers Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and Fitzpatrick. This definitely presents a very auspicious and opportune moment for the Jets to win right now. It is an incredibly rare opportunity which the jets must not squander.