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Joe Caporoso throws it open to you on how the New York Jets should handle their quarterback situation….

New York Jets training camp opens in 9 days, so our days to write about this ongoing Ryan Fitzpatrick contract negotiation are probably coming to an end (THE HORROR!). Below, we’ve laid out the entire situation and some links we have previously written on the topic. For today’s article we would like to hear YOUR feedback on how the Jets should handle the situation. Put it down in the comment section, one sentence, one paragraph, whatever you want and we’ll publish the responses in an article later this week…

The Jets offer3 years, 24 million dollars, 12 million in year one with limited guaranteed money in year two and three . From everything we have heard, the Jets made this offer in February and haven’t budged on it since.

The Jets Cap Space: Somewhere around 7-8 million dollars. To make further space, the Jets could restructure contracts of Buster Skrine, Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall or Darrelle Revis.

Fitzpatrick Wants: Presumably more overall money, more guaranteed money in year two, more guaranteed money overall, a yearly salary that moves him to the top half of starting quarterbacks in the NFL, instead of the bottom third.

The Jets Options: Keep the offer the same and wait for Fitzpatrick to take it. Revoke the offer and work on acquiring a cheap veteran backup for Geno Smith. Increase the offer to Fitzpatrick and hope he signs immediately.

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